Benefits of An Alkaline Water Filtration System

Many chemicals, heavy metals and impurities in water are contributing factors to diseases and cancers, according to medical science[1].

The traditional method of boiling tap water is not a healthy and effective method because these chemicals, heavy metals and impurities dissolved in water have high boiling points that cannot be removed by boiling.

Heavy Metals Test

Coral Pure Natural’s alkaline water purifier and dispenser systems offer a more reliable method of filtering and purifying the water compared to boiling.

Highest Specifications In Reverse Osmosis Filtration


Coral Pure Natural’s alkaline water purifier systems make use of reverse osmosis filtration, with the highest specification filters (0.0001 microns) and reverse osmosis membranes that are made by LG in Korea and certified by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in the USA. 


Bacteria and viruses are roughly 0.004 to 1.0 microns in size. This is why only 0.0001-micron filters and NSF-58 certified membranes can effectively remove all bacteria, impurities and odours for clean, safe and tasty drinking water. 


​Our premium water purifier is an 8-filter system. Only found in 5% of all water filters in the market, our first four 0.001 micron filters remove sediments, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and harmful contaminants like fluoride that is common in Singapore water. 

Our Alkaline Water Filters

Coral Pure Natural Alkaline Water Filtration Benefits

Re-Mineralisation of Your Drinking Water

Our alkaline water purifier and dispenser system provide the most restructured natural alkaline hydrogen minerals in Singapore. This purified water is 100% natural, with properties similar to those found in natural spring water. Each glass you drink is enriched with natural minerals and healthy nutrients. 


The remaining 4 filters in the 8-filter system re-mineralise the water with 72 minerals from coral stones such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc. The taste and smell of the water are also greatly enhanced. The resulting water is high-quality natural antioxidant alkaline hydrogen mineral water that only contains essential minerals that your body needs to stay healthy, fight illnesses and develop better immunity.


These minerals are also powerful natural antioxidants that drive away free radicals that cause ageing. They are in smaller cluster size molecules, allowing for easier absorption into the body.


Many individuals feel more rejuvenated and revitalised after drinking this premium filtered water. 

[1] Wimalawansa, S. J. (2015, October 13). The role of ions, heavy metals, fluoride, and agrochemicals: critical evaluation of potential aetiological factors of chronic kidney disease of multifactorial origin (CKDmfo/CKDu) and recommendations for its eradication. Environmental Geochemistry and Health.