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Alkaline Water Filtration and Purification

While tap water in Singapore is generally considered safe, getting an alkaline water filtration and purification system is still beneficial due to the following reasons:

  • Filter any contaminants from the pipes and storage tanks that carry the water, especially for older apartments

  • Removing toxic chemicals, harmful Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and impurities as well as improving taste from tap water

  • Restructuring and remineralizing purified PURE water into natural antioxidant alkaline hydrogen mineral crystal-energizing water

What is water filtration?

Water filtration makes use of a physical filter to remove contaminants, particles, and impurities from your water. The filter acts as a physical barrier to prevent the contaminants, particles, and impurities from flowing through. Pure water can only be achieved through reverse osmosis filtration, where harmful TDS, heavy metals, toxic chemicals and impurities are separated out via the finest pore-size membrane  in the world of only 0.0001 microns.

Coral Pure’s reverse osmosis membranes are sourced from around the world and are of the highest quality. They are in compliance with USA NSF/ANSI 58, which is the highest filtration certification that can completely remove heavy metals and TDS.

What is water purification?

Most Water purifiers remove minimal impurities and allow retention of  minerals from  tap water  to . Coral Pure purification removes all kinds of impurities   as well as restructures and remineralizes purified water into natural antioxidant alkaline hydrogen mineral crystal-energizing water.


Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and silica are essential to the human body, helping to regulate and rejuvenate bodily functions.The remineralised natural alkaline water adds extra alkaline minerals with antioxidant properties. 

Going through up to 15 stages of filtration, re-mineralisation, and restructuring processes, Coral Pure’s alkaline hydrogen water is infused with antioxidant hydrogen (-150 to -500mv), dissolved hydrogen (500-1900 ppb), and dissolved oxygen (15-18 ppm). The premium natural antioxidant alkaline hydrogen mineral crystal-energizing water not only has smaller cluster size water molecules to provide better absorption at  cellular level, it also has a stable alkaline level of PH 9 to 10.5. The water quality and taste is similar to mountain spring water and is suitable for consumption by all age groups, including toddlers and people on medication.

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Combination of Filtration and Purification

Combining restructuring, purification, and re-mineralization, our alkaline water filter system can purify and enhance drinking water. The restructuring and remineralizing process is done via natural precious energy stones such as organic coral stones, tourmaline, maifan, rose quartz, amethyst, aventurine, obsidian, red jasper and various types of ceramic minerals balls from the last 5 alkaline water filters.

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