Benefits Of Alkaline Water
(Natural Spring)

Natural spring structured water drawing.

Natural Spring water has mineral contents such as magnesium and calcium, both of which are recommended by the World Health Organization. If these minerals can become part of drinking water, a healthier body is guaranteed. Natural alkaline water is essentially modeled after natural spring water.


If you look at mountain spring, when the water flows down and clashes with the rocks, it absorbs minerals that naturally increases the alkalinity level of the water. This process is dubbed as “Natural Ionize water.” The acidity in the human body is lowered with the help of this, along with a significant increase in one's energy level and visible slower aging.

Alkaline water assist in weight loss, refreshes the skin and helps in detoxification of the body, improve immunity and maintain overall wellness.


Therefore many studies also confirm people in longevity villages enjoy better health due to pure and clean natural antioxidant hydrogen alkaline mineral water with 7.5 to 9.5 PH.

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Medical Advantages of Alkaline Water


  • Natural Alkaline Water helps to meliorate acid reflux (heartburn), which can make one feel uncomfortable. Heartburn is caused by pepsin – a protein that thrives in an acidic environment. Drinking water with a pH level of 8.8 prevents heartburn by checking acidity.​

  • It fights metal toxicity - especially in urban areas where tap water contains lethal minerals such as fluroide in water, that hamper its potablility, and affects body processes. Natural antacids aid the liver in eliminating these substances via urine.

  • Alkaline water improves heart health by orchestrating blood flow in and out of the heart, preventing conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and elevated cholesterol, which are all connected to cardiovascular diseases. It also prevents the development of plaque. ​It facilitates weight loss as toxic metals are lipophilic, leading to gut and full-body fat.

  • ​Alkaline Mineral Water enhances the performance of athletes who exert themselves regularly as it improves hydration after an anaerobic exercise. Further research has shown that it may help the body to produce lactic acid - which aids in muscle build-up painlessly.

What WHO Says About Healthy Drinking Water?

The World Health Organization has recommended healthy drinking water must contain key Natural Alkaline minerals like calcium and magnesium. Coral Pure ensures you and your family will enjoy the truly healthy nutritious water you need. Now you can heal chronic illness and get the robust health you want and deserve.

"Both calcium and magnesium are essential to human health. Inadequate intake of either nutrient can impair health"


Without minerals, we’ll suffer a lot of diseases and may not achieve the longevity of life we’ve always dreamed of.

In 2009, World Health Organization (WHO) released a publication on the topic of 'Calcium and Magnesium In Drinking Water', a 190 pages report including data to share great health benefits of Calcium & Magnesium in drinking water.

These are found in Coral Pure's Premium Water System as all Alkaline and Mineral filters used are rich in natural Calcium and Magnesium.​ With sufficient intake of Calcium & Magnesium, human body can avoid lots of health complication and chronic diseases. 


*CORAL PURE PREMIUM 9 has last 5 filters that restructure with natural alkaline minerals. The final minerals content exceed those supply from PUB tap. 

WHO Report: World Health Organization. (2009). Calcium and Magnesium in Drinking Water. 

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Why Artificial Alkaline Water should be avoided?


Artifical alkaline water does the exact opposite of natural alkaline water. Electrolysis ionized alkaline water, more popularly known and one that shows up on the search engine easily when you search for Alkaline water. As the name suggests, this water is created artificially by the form of electrolysis.


Tap water passes through an electric ionizer, in which water molecules are forcibly split and pushed through metal plates of platinum and titanium. By this process, platinum and titanium ions are exchanged, which leads to higher PH in water.

Subsequently, research has found that this overtly charged ionzied alkaline water of platinum and titanium has health hazards. The alkaline level in water might be high, but the toxicity increases too.

This results in the bone and skin facing problems due to the lack of minerals that are caused by the body trying to support the high level of pH.​ Their instruction manual also indicates the ionized water is UNSAFE to consume by young kids and people on medication.


The World Health Organization has released its caution message against drinking water that isn't rich in minerals. The high pH in artificial alkaline water makes the body think it is receiving minerals when in reality, the bones end up sacrificing its minerals to make up for the lack of minerals in water.


Other than health, Artificial Alkaline water can be expensive, as the metal plates require frequent maintenance which can only be done in service centers.

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So, why some countries use ionized alkaline water?

In short, Electrolysis Alkaline (Artificial) Ionizer is more suitable for use in Japan and Korea due to the following factors:


  1. It often build with very basic purifying pre-filters (1 to 2) and is more suitable for cleaner water so as to retain minerals.   

  2. Both countries' tap water have much higher natural alkaline minerals due abundant of natural spring water, supporting high level of artificial alkaline water

  3. Lastly, both advance countries government banned Fluoride for water treatment (Not require high spec filtration to cope of fluoride and others harmful TDS removal


In view of the above factors, electrolysis alkaline ionizer is not recommended for Singapore and other countries due to the nature of tap water.

Therefore, our customers who previously used such machine face significant health issues such as body aching, skin health, urine acid, gout, constipation, kidneys pain etc after daily consumption over a year.


However, this group of customers found their health condition improve greatly within 2 to 3 months after switching to Coral Pure Natural Alkaline water.

Can We Drink Alkaline Water Daily?

For better health, it is important to drink naturally alkaline water daily. Doing so supplies the body with the alkaline minerals it needs to buffer acid. To learn more about the benefits of alkaline water, please read Alkaline Water Benefits.

In the case of naturally alkaline water, from Coral Pure Premium 8 & 9, it is recommended to drink at least three liters per day (except for those who has health condition that restricted from too much in take of water) Since the alkalinity is a result of naturally alkaline minerals like calcium and magnesium, the body is capable of using the minerals it needs and storing or discarding any excess. You cannot become overly alkaline drinking naturally alkaline water.

If you are drinking ionized water or artificially alkaline water, it is always advised to measure your body's pH daily and regulate your consumption accordingly. Ionized water should not be used as a daily drinking water as you can easily develop side effects.

Structured Energized Alkaline Water

Harmful effects of flouride Coral Pure Water Filter Alkaline Water Hydrogen Purifiers Antioxidant TDS Rich in Hydrogen
Harmful effects of flouride Coral Pure Water Filter Alkaline Water Hydrogen Purifiers Antioxidant TDS Rich in Anxtioxidants
Harmful effects of flouride Coral Pure Water Filter Alkaline Water Hydrogen Purifiers Antioxidant TDS Rich in Dissolved Oxygen
Harmful effects of flouride Coral Pure Water Filter Alkaline Water Hydrogen Purifiers Antioxidant TDS Rich in Minerals
Harmful effects of flouride Coral Pure Water Filter Alkaline Water Hydrogen Purifiers Antioxidant TDS Rich in Small Molecules

Structured energized alkaline water has smaller cluster sizes water molecules, Antioxidants, dissolved Hydrogen & Oxygen and Natural Alkaline minerals that are essential for metabolism in our body to stay healthy. Minerals are necessary nutrients that help our body work properly, including bones, teeth and blood.


Alkaline mineral water is also beneficial to your health, maintaining an appropriate pH in your body. If there is a lack of minerals and water in the body, we will be exposed to diseases and an increased frequency of stress. In particular, these minerals cannot be produced by our bodies.


Thus, they must be supplied externally. Especially for a properly Structured energized alkaline water, its minerals can be absorbed faster than minerals found in fruits and vegetables. Water increases the quality of blood in your body, aiding in detoxification naturally. The long-term realization for health is to drink more clean water, exercise more and stay away from unhealthy food.

Coral Pure Premium 8 / 9 has it filtration thoroughly purified and well designed structured alkaline water system that has more than 12 stages of filtration using different types of organic corals and precious gems stones.


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