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Did you know the longevity of the Okinawans is linked to their diet of Natural Coral Calcium & minerals?

Many Okinawans have the longest life expectancy on the planet. This is because they have low rates of coronary illness and malignant tumors, and enjoy better overall health, thanks to the preponderance of coral calcium in the waters surrounding the island.

Corals provide 72 to 74 essential minerals. These minerals are liberated when coral ionizes in water and improves the natural alkaline water condition, much like how Coral Pure does.

Coral Pure not only gives you an endless stream of high-quality natural antioxidant hydrogen alkaline water, it's filled with healthy nutrients. Every glass is enriched with natural minerals.
These include calcium to improve bone health, kidney, heart, and overall immunity; magnesium, essential for the healing and rejuvenation of your body, as well as zinc, iron, silicate, potassium, and lots more. In all, there are an amazing 72 types of essential minerals in this water.

Pure and Clean Water, which comes from Coral Pure Premium Water System, is a product of Reverse Osmosis Filtration. It's filled with powerful natural antioxidants. These drive away free radicals that cause aging and illness. Many people feel they start to regain their youth after drinking this premium filtered water.
Coral Pure hydrogen water is also more easily absorbed by your body due to its smaller size water molecule. Minerals quickly go into your bloodstream and are dispersed at the cellular level. This can help you fight illness, improve wellness, and feel better with more energy.



Antioxidants are vital for maintaining a healthy life. Maintaining the right amount of antioxidants in our diet can reduce the chances of cancer, lower high blood pressure, improve wrinkles, and help our heart stay healthy, amongst many other benefits. They eradicate free-radicals, which cause a lot of health problems and are produced due to stress, processed food, smoking, and alcoholism. They are also caused by UV light and pollution. These things are like the antagonist of an action movie: everywhere, unstoppable, and harmful.

Antioxidants clamp down on the bad guys, and everyone is saved. They’re found in fruits, oils, even coffee, and wine, so here’s the excuse for a second glass this weekend. Read on to find out more:
Alkaline water is a powerful antioxidant. Anti-oxidants help protect our bodies from free radicals that can cause various health problems. Free radicals are groups of atoms that can damage our body by hurting the immune system.

Oxidation is expressed by the ORP value. (Oxidation Reduction Potential) ORP is a term used frequently in the water treatment & food processing industry. ORP measuring Value in “mV” (millivolts).The more Negative(- mV) it is, the more it benefits the human body, boosts immunity, fights aging, relieves, insomnia, fatigue, depression, and maintains optimal health. Conversely, positive ORP values (+ mV) cause harm to the human body, such as aging and the like.


Do you know Okinawans' longevity is due to Natural Coral Calcium & minerals?

Many studies confirm high majority of people living in Okinawa enjoy better health and free from chronic diseases mainly due to good drinking water with presence of natural antioxidant hydrogen alkaline & essential minerals from Coral. 

A significant part of the hype around coral calcium comes from the way that coral calcium is reaped from the corals in Okinawa, Japan. Okinawans are believed to have the longest life expectancy on the planet and have low rates of coronary illness and malignant growth. 

Corals provide 72 to 74 essential minerals to humans. These minerals are released when coral touches (ionized) water. These precious minerals contribute to the alkalinity of natural antioxidant water in Coral Pure and Okinawa drinking water. 

Learn more about health benefits of Coral minerals.



Coral is rich in minerals that can supplement most of the human body needs. Coral is rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc and total of 72 to 74 types of natural mineral that are essential to human body.


The rich multitude of minerals from coral can assist to regulate bodily functions and makes all the systems run like clockwork.


When coral come into contact with water, its minerals can help to: * Achieve an optimal Ph level ( Alkalinity water) * Regulate the arterial blood pressure, heart rate and in turns contribute to the well function of bloods and body organs.

* Improves quality of blood and lymph, cleanses the body of toxins

* Regulate the kidneys and digestive system

* Improve condition of the skin

* Prevent osteoporosis and various forms of arthritis

* Increase the elasticity of muscles and restore the structure of bones and cartilages etc


Coral minerals is necessary for everyone, because it is the backbone of our health.


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The World Health Organization (WHO) also recommended healthy drinking water must contain key nutrients like calcium and magnesium. With sufficient intake of Calcium & Magnesium, human body can avoid lots of health complication and chronic diseases.  

View WHO Report


Coral Pure not only gives you an endless stream of high quality natural antioxidant hydrogen alkaline minerals water, it's filled with healthy nutrients. Every glass is enriched with national minerals. Now you can heal chronic illness and get the robust health you want and deserve.

According to another report published by the World Health Organization on the role and possible health benefits of calcium and magnesium in drinking-water, peak bone mass that is obtained during adolescence is maximized by increasing one’s calcium intake.

Another report on the longevity of people of Okinawa, coral calcium supplements act as an antacid

which helps with intestinal issues and digestion.


Health benefits of coral calcium:


The advantages of coral calcium can traverse ages. On the off chance that you suppose that just kids and ladies more than 50 years of age need calcium, reconsider. The National Osteoporosis Foundation gauges that the normal grown-up in the U.S. gets just 500 to 700 mg for every day.


The FDA proposes adults under 50 years and younger need 1,000 mg daily,

and those more than 50 years need 1,200 mg.


Corals provide 72 to 74 essential minerals to humans. These minerals are released when coral touches water or is ionized with water, these minerals contribute to the alkalinity.


The calcium advantages of Coral Calcium apply to men as well.


This isn't an item only for ladies with osteoporosis.

Men are similarly as calcium insufficient as indicated by scientific discoveries.


Calcium likewise assumes a fundamental job in muscle compressions – even in the heart.

Notwithstanding making solid bones and teeth, calcium likewise assumes a fundamental job in

muscle contractions – even in the heart.


A few studies recommend that low dietary intake of calcium can prompt an expanded danger of perpetuating hypertension and cardiovascular malady. In a Taiwanese study of health benefits of coral calcium, calcium was even appeared to have a defensive impact against both gastric and colorectal diseases.


Calcium may help ladies with PMS experiencing spasms and crabbiness.


Studies show coral calcium benefits digestion and metabolism.


Calcium may likewise influence digestion and metabolism. As indicated by an ongoing University of Tennessee examination utilizing mice, calcium seems to control how fat cells work. Mice getting the most calcium created 51 percent less fat and broke down fat tissue three to five times quicker. This prompts them putting on 40 percent less weight than their calcium lacking partners.


Coral calcium benefits bone well being.


Well, that is a ton of advantages! In any case, we should concentrate on calcium and bone well being.

This is the place calcium has its most significant effect.


Our bodies' consistent redesigning forms re-assimilate and supplant around 20 percent of our bone each year. At the point when dietary intake is insufficient, calcium is expelled from our issues to make up for whatever loss caused in our circulatory system. This calcium inadequacy at that point prompts osteoporosis. This means "porous bones." This condition can end up severe and lead to bones that break under body weight. There are regularly a couple of clues which suggest that you may have this condition. Symptoms are frequently missing until fractures happen.


Calcium consumption amid early adulthood guarantees bone thickness.


Getting enough calcium in early adulthood is crucial to guaranteeing that bones achieve their greatest thickness. As we age, our bodies aren't as productive at absorbing calcium. Fortunately, it's never past the point where it is possible to begin taking coral calcium supplements. Moderating bone loss and raising bone thickness begins with legitimate coral calcium supplements.


Coral calcium is a great reservoir of calcium, particularly for those more than 50 years


Calcium is one of the most copious minerals in the human body. It likewise has the most intricate connections with almost every other mineral on Earth. You might most likely source calcium from specific foods. Nonetheless, unsustainable cultivating practices have to lead to the mineral substance in U.S. soils. This currently implies there is significantly less natural mineral substance left in our food.


Simple retention implies more supplements for your body.


Since coral calcium contains a broken down type of calcium, it's less demanding to absorb than other calcium supplements. This is imperative for those more than 50 years who are less ready to retain supplements. Coral calcium absorbability likewise makes it remarkable. Your body all the more promptly acknowledges coral calcium due to its effectively absorbable ionic structure in smaller cluster size water molecules. Coral Pure Premium structured water stands out from calcium supplements.

The last key to getting the most of bone health advantages from calcium is in finding a quality supplement. You'll additionally need to counsel with your doctor and look for legitimate medical advice before taking any dietary enhancements.


* This article aimed to provide a brief introduction to coral calcium and its benefits.

*The amount Of Calcium and other essential minerals will increase the alkalinity of water and it is also easily absorb into our body due to smaller cluster size

water molecules that will benefits overall health. 

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