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Coral Pure's Natural Antioxidant Hydrogen Alkaline Mineral Water system offers highest spec filtration  (0.0001 Micron) and most comprehensive structured antioxidant water Not Only it can improve immunity, fight aging, battle chronic illnesses and improve overall health, but it is also the best TASTING purified water among all brands !!!

Coral Pure not only gives you an endless stream of high quality TASTY Natural Antioxidant Hydrogen Alkaline Water, every glass is enriched with national minerals filled with healthy nutrients. 


Coral Pure's purified water is suitable for all age groups, including young children and people on medication as it is 100% natural with properties similar to those found in natural spring water.

We are pleased to share our latest testimonial from our customer who suffers from inherited rheumatic pain at all her joints and body. Such chronic pain requires constant consumption  of painkiller. 

She is about 40+ years old and has been drinking purified alkaline water from a famous XXX brand for years which was installed at her office but there has been no improvement in her health condition.

After drinking Coral Pure premium natural alkaline hydrogen mineral water for about a month, she wrote to us with a positive feedback and we are very happy for her. 👍

Our Mission: 
Upgrading Lives, One Family At A Time. 

We are pleased to share another testimonial from our stage 4th cancer user.


Doctor declared no cure for her and left about 3 months life span.


She installed Coral Pure premium 8++ system in late Nov 2019. Within less than 2 months her condition improved greatly.


Attached a screen shot of her actual conversation in whatsapp.


we are very happy for her and looking forward for her complete recovery 👍

Our Mission: 
Upgrading Lives, One Family At A Time. 

Coral Pure Natural Alkaline Hydrogen water machine has changed the way acidic toxins in the body are neutralized. Our premium natural alkaline water system is rich in essential minerals, antioxidant, and hydrogen guaranteed to bring long-term health benefits for you and your family.

Customers of Coral Pure are immensely satisfied with the outcome of our solutions, and they have made their fulfillment known in heartfelt messages across social media. They have tried our mineral water, including Instant Hot dispensers, Premium 8 purifiers. In addition, they’ve cut down their intake of diet cokes, power drinks, milk, and have viewed all our feature content.

These clients have given first approval of the workability of our standard-compliant (NSF 58 Certified) reverse osmosis or alkaline water technology – the highest specification (0.0001 micron) with the lowest running cost in the market. This machine has been met with rave reviews about how it alkalizes their bodies with essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, silica, potassium, etc., to enable them fend off chronic illnesses and cancers in order to live healthier, more reinvigorated lives. It has helped them break old eating habits to get back to their real selves. They are convinced that tap water alone does not eradicate pesticides from fruits and vegetables and that cancer cannot thrive in an alkaline state.

Over the years, we’ve seen clients with various health concerns spanning cancer, flu, bronchitis, aging skin, foot ulcers, heartburn, asthma, multiple sclerosis, muscular pain, high blood pressure, arthritis, esophagus pain, weight loss, and insomnia, circumvented by our hydrogen water prescription.

So get your old alkaline filter out of the window and try Coral Pure’s innovative, highly recommended, reasonably priced alkaline water machine from Singapore. At Coral Pure, we are confident about our highly innovative healthy water system and take great pride in knowing that no other alkaline water provider in Singapore can match our specifications and pricing!
We can go on forever about how great this reverse osmosis alkaline dispenser from Singapore is the game-changer for you and your loved ones, but give yourself the best gift ever by getting the best alkaline water dispenser you can ever drink.  Most people are oblivious of the fact the body comprises 75-85% water, that bottled water is more acidic than tap water, and that most water can’t penetrate the 75 trillion cells that live in your body.


This compilation of written testimonials from satisfied users who are believers of our Premium 8 filter system producing Antioxidant healthy water. These recommendations were written in good spirit and of goodwill, with no promise of remuneration either directly or in kind.

We are confident that our structured NATURAL spring alkaline water purifier will be embraced by health providers globally.

Change your water, change your life!

*More than 50% of customers as well as those who submitted their reviews were previously using major branded water purifier. This concluded that Coral Pure system is far more superior than most of the brands. 

"生活分享 : 我今年六十歲,水对身体很重要,我之前用过好多个牌子水机,包括蒸溜水,最后还用过超贵的电解鹼性水,都不适应我们身体,到目前为止,我正在用Coral Pure 这个品牌的水机,对我的身体改变极大,消化系统也改善很多,列如便秘,胃酸问题,膝蓋酸痛,还有脸上有腊黄的问題,每天用Coral pure 的水早晚洗脸, 有得到很大的改善.朋友见到我,都觉得我的脸很白,很滑,追問我擦什么東西,我只是喝好的水,用好的水来洗臉.
对我各人的精神也有幫助,從早上六点多忙到晚上十一点多,都不觉得累!感恩coral pure !

Siew Zhen Goh