Alkaline Water Dispenser (Tankless)

Premium 8++ & Premium Trilogy

Our alkaline water dispenser is tankless hot. With small tank at the rear to store purified water (after passing through 6 filters). When dispensing water, the system will filter through last 2 alkaline hydrogen mineral filter for fresh hydrogen alkaline water.


There is no reboiling of water as it is instant hot. More power saving and more reliable as compared to conventional dispenser with compressor motor. (Due to health reason, we don’t sell dispenser that with cold water. Lowest temperature of our dispenser is room temperature.)


When the water dispenser is on standby mode, it consumes close to zero electric power, unlike those conventional dispenser where the compressor continuously run and requires high electric consumption. 


There is a need for small holding tank as our premium 8++ generate very high quality purified water at much slower speed (due to highest spec filtration  0.0001 micron)

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