Fluoride Removal

Fluoride comes from fluorine, which is a common element in our day to day lives. Fluoride has positive health benefits, being capable of lower chances of tooth decay and provide protection to a person’s dental health.


However, overconsumption of fluoride can be dangerous and deadly.

How to Remove Fluoride from Water?

Fluoride Removal Filter


Water filters can help remove fluoride effectively. Pre-filtering is a process that is known to get rid of larger particles in your water supply. Small particles of dirt, sand floating around in your water usually gets filtered out at this stage of the filtering process.


What follows is known as carbon filtering. Carbon filtering works by changing the electrical molecular charge in your water to help remove the chemical compounds of fluoride and chlorine in your water.

Reverse Osmosis​


A reverse osmosis filtration system is a common solution for removing fluoride from daily drinking water. To find out more about reverse osmosis, you can check out of Reverse Osmosis and TDS page.

Does Boiling Water Remove Fluoride?



The short answer is no. The main reason being fluoride does not evaporate or boil easily like chlorine does. This chemical element’s boiling point is much higher. Additionally, as you boil water, the volume of water decreases as it boils, increasing the concentration of fluoride in the water.

Sources of Fluoride


Teas commonly contain high levels of fluoride. These beverages are meant to provide users with beneficial antioxidants, but excessive intake of fluoride can be harmful. Frequent tea drinks should consider reducing your tea consumption if it affects your health. 

Pharmaceutical products, cooking utensils with non-stick properties and processed food are also common sources of fluoride. Toothpastes with teeth-whitening properties are also likely to contain fluoride. 

Fluoride can be found naturally in water and food. It is also produced synthetically for many day to day uses, such as toothpaste and other chemical products such as mouthwashes.

Harmful Effects of Fluoride in Water

Fluoride can cause dental fluorosis and skeletal fluorosis.


The former occurs when you consume too much fluoride while having teeth that is still encased and growing under your gums. This is particularly common for young children who are still having their baby tooth. Children are also more likely to ingest toothpaste, which is also another concentrated source of fluoride. This may result in white spots forming on the external layer of your teeth, making your teeth look less aesthetically pleasing.


Skeletal fluorosis is similar to dental fluorosis, but it involves the damage of bones instead of teeth. Early symptoms may joint pain. Over a longer period, skeletal fluorosis may further damage the bone structure and the skeletal system.

Dangers of Fluoride in Drinking Water

Fluoride which is more toxic than Chlorine is also most difficult to remove from tap water.


Yet, about 90% of water purifiers in the market can only remove a maximum of 10%-20% fluoride from tap water.

Coral Pure's Premium 8++ can achieve

Up to 95% fluoride removal due to 0.0001-micron filtration


Fluoridation of tap water is banned in most developed countries such as Europe, Japan, Korea, China and Russia. Research also shows that fluoridation can cause slower development for children and affect their IQ or cause autism.

(Singapore is one of the 9 countries still using fluoridation in water treatment)

Harmful Effects of Fluoride in Water

Up to 95% Fluoride Removal

Fluoride Cause Illnesses

Learn more about the harmful effects of Fluoride via medical studies here

Coral Pure produces a comprehensive antioxidant hydrogen alkaline mineral water dispenser that gives you natural ionized structured water that has the ability to detoxify your system from toxins, and bring your health back in full swing! – A Hydrogen Alkaline Mineral water purifier with state-of-the-art technology.

You must have tried your hands on a bevvy of water purifiers, but how many of them can really eliminate harmful TDS, bacteria & Virus of 0.0001 microns, and FLUORIDE?


And this is where we come in.

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Note: Fluoride is Officially Classified As A Neurotoxin In World's Top Medical Journals and is more deadly than Chlorine.


Most water purifiers brands are unable to effectively reduce fluoride.


Check out the fact-findings below

More Alarminng Health Effects Of Fluoride

64 Studies On Fluoride Lowering EQ

Fluoride Causing Heart Disease

400 Studies On Brain Damages By Fluoride

Fluoride Causing Diabetes

Fluoride Causing Cancer

Harmfulness of Fluoride

Fluoride Causing Cancer

According to a 1991 American analysis, evidence shows that male rats that were given high fluoride content to drink for two years have an increased risk for bone tumor. This type of bone tumor is known as osteosarcoma. This risk was not witnessed or seen in female rats.


A 2006 Harvard University study have also found that boys have an increased risk than girls in developing osteosarcoma when exposed to fluoride drinking water.


This has caused worry for many consumers on the dangers of drinking fluoride water. Unlike fluoride products like toothpaste and mouthwash, which aren’t ingested, drinking water comes into contact with our organs.

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