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180 days refund guarantee.png

Health & Spec Guarantee

Coral Pure is well known for providing the highest specification water filtration to produce best quality drinking water. 
Our unparalleled 
Spec Guarantee✨ includes
0.0001 Micron filtration, NSF ANSI 58 Certification, using RO and re-mineralisation.

Ask for a refund if you are able to find a system with higher filtration spec than Coral Pure's Premium 9 series within 30 days from installation date!
On top of that, Coral Pure is committed to improve health and well-being by offering
Health Improvement Guarantee.✨ 
Coral Pure 以提供市场上最高规格的净水器而闻名。最重要的是,Coral Pure 致力于提供最好的碱性水来维护和改善健康! 💯 
Try out Coral Pure's Premium 9 series for 3-6 months and experience health improvement! If you do not see any improvement in your health, after drinking min 3 litres of room temperature Premium 9 water daily, ask for a 100% refund! Pay only for installation and dismantling costs ($149 +$149).
我们正在推行三到六个月 Coral Pure Premium 9 系列的试用配套,让顾客亲身体验健康的改善! 如果您的健康状况得到没有任何改善请务必要求 100% 退款!

To Opt for Coral Pure's Health Guarantee Package: 
1) Buyer will have to provide an upfront payment of installation cost at $149.

2) Buyer can opt for a full refund of Premium 9 /Premium 9 Compact  at $4,090 / $2,899 (current promo price) between 3-6 months if he/she feels that the water system is unable to bring benefits to family health after following the recommended drinking guidelines.

3) Buyer will be required to absorb dismantling charges of $149, to be deducted from the refund amount of Premium 9. 

4) To proceed with the refund, the buyer will have to ensure that all equipment is well maintained and in good working condition. (Otherwise, charges will apply accordingly)

5) The balance refund amount will be transferred to the buyer's bank account via PayNow prior to completion of dismantling.

6) Get a reimbursement of installation cost ($149) on the next filter change after 1 year, if the buyer feels that the Premium 9 system is effective and can bring health benefits to the family's health by contributing honest reviews in Coral Pure’s Google and Facebook page.
7) Note that refund does not include any form of furnishing replacement or repair works due to installation. (eg. Refilling of tabletop holes etc.)



If you have done adequate research, you will know that Coral Pure' s filtration has the highest spec and benefits compared to any other water purifier. If you are able to find any filtration system which surpasses Coral Pure, approach us with the statistics and we will give away one of our Premium water purifier free. Drink Healthy, Live Healthy.​


Together, we uphold our mission:


More than 50% of Coral Pure's customers have actually switched over from other brands. 


Only 5% of the water purifiers in the market has USA NSF ANSI 58 certified filtration (0.0001 micron).

Highest in global standards.

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