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Drink Spring Water To Support The Health Of Your Organs

Drinking enough water daily is likely the easiest thing you can do to support the health of your organs. Water makes up most of the body. It is very important to consume enough water daily to replenish the body’s used water.

Nature provides naturally mineralized and filtered water in the form of spring water. Spring water supports health and vitality over other sources of water because of these properties.

A wide array of minerals from the earth’s crust and rock mineralize spring water as the water travels through them. The flow of the water also naturally filters the water providing a natural ratio of minerals that supports organ health.

The ratio of minerals in spring water normally results in water that is slightly to highly alkaline. This is a benefit that also supports the alkalinity needed in the blood.

Water in itself is essential for providing proper organ hydration. The natural mineral content of spring water is also important to help with water absorption and to support organ function.


Artificial alkaline water doesn’t contain the natural array of minerals of spring water and therefore can throw off the electrolyte balance in the blood.

Ionizer Systems use tap water as the source for ionized water. They then purify it and then add one or a few minerals to alkalize it using a process call ionization or electrolysis to split apart water molecules to artificially create alkaline water. The process uses metal plates to separate Positive and Negative Ion to generate artificial alkaline water, which depletes the minerals stored in your body.


Municipal water agencies purposely treat their water with chemicals to kill harmful pathogens. Unfortunately these chemicals like sodium fluoride are also toxic to people.

Also other toxic chemicals inadvertently make their way into the municipal water supply.


Distilled water is pure H2O. Pure H2O doesn’t exist in nature in the rivers and streams, which naturally provide us with drinking water.

Nature provides minerals in water which buffers it, alkalizes it, and kills pathogens that collect in it. The body uses these minerals to help with proper water absorption and to help kill pathogens in the body.

The water picks up minerals and compounds, like calcium, potassium, magnesium, bicarbonate, and sodium, as it passes through rocks and soil.

The natural levels of sodium and other minerals in natural spring water helps the body absorb water from the intestines into the bloodstream.[1]

Distilled water might quench your thirst, but not adequately hydrate and protect the body.

Coral Pure's Premium 8 & Premium 9 water system is able to thoroughly purify and at the same time, producing well structured natural alkaline hydrogen mineral water. This is achieved as the water passes through more than 15 stages of filtration using different types of organic corals and precious gems stones. With small cluster size water molecules as well as antioxidant, the taste and quality surpasses natural spring mineral water.

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