What Is A Water Dispenser and Why Do You Need One?

Updated: May 6

Pure and clean drinking water is a blessing that, if accessible to you, can give you tremendous health benefits and save you from a variety of health problems and issues. Good quality water is considered to have certain properties to ensure that whoever consumes it can benefit from it.

Such quality water can be made available by using a filtration system which sometimes comes as part of a water dispenser.

In this article, we will describe the different types of water dispensers, their functions, factors that you should consider while choosing a water dispenser, and some insights into water dispensers offered by Coral Pure Natural.

What Does A Water Dispenser Do?

A water dispenser is a machine that dispenses water either in cool or hot form. Usually, a 5-gallon water bottle is placed on the dispenser in the inverted position.

Depending on whether the cool or hot side of the water spigot is used, the corresponding water is dispensed into a cup or glass placed underneath it. The exact mechanism of how a water dispenser works depends on the type of water dispenser.

Some dispensers just dispense cool or hot water, whereas others have a built-in water filtration system that also filters and purifies water along the way.

Types of Water Dispensers

Essentially, there are three types of water dispensers that are described in detail below:

Bottled Water Dispensers

This is the most common type of water dispenser in which a 5-gallon water bottle is used as the source of water, and then the dispensed water is cooled or heated depending on the option used.

The dispenser works by utilising gravity and vacuum pressure to release the water when the water spigot is pressed. The air goes inside the bottle, and water automatically falls in the glass.

The water dispenser is connected to a power outlet that allows for the cooling and heating up of water. Usually, such dispensers also have a small refrigerator unit in the lower part of the machine.

Since such a dispenser uses a water bottle, it requires more maintenance as bottles have to be replaced timely to ensure continuous water supply. The dispenser needs to be periodically checked and cleaned so that you can ensure that quality water is available for drinking.

Bottled water dispensers usually do not have a filtration system since the bottled water that is used is already purified and filtered.

Point of Use Water Dispensers

Points of use water dispensers are connected to a direct water supply line. Such dispensers also have the function of filtering the water before dispensing it because it uses tap water that can have all sorts of impurities that would need to be purified.

Usually, these dispensers also have the capability of heating and cooling the water. This function is achieved by connecting it with a power source. There is a tank connected with such dispensers which store the water after filtration and purification before it is cooled or heated. There is a tap or spigot from where you can get the purified cool or hot water.

Tankless Hot Dispenser

Our dispensers offer much room for power saving as there is no heating tank involved.

Our dispenser is tankless hot. Through the use of a small tank at the rear, the store purified water passes through six filters from the undersink purifier. When dispensing water, the system will filter through the last two alkaline hydrogen mineral filter for fresh hydrogen water.

There is no reboiling of water involved, as instant hot technology is being employed. 304 stainless steel instant are used as heating coils. This allows for more power-saving and better reliability as compared to conventional dispensers with a compressor motor.

When the dispenser is on standby mode, it consumes close to zero electric power. This is a different state than most other dispensers, where electrical consumption is still required for the compressor to continuously run. The estimated electricity bill saving amounts up to $300 to $400 per year.

Due to health reasons, Coral Pure does not sell dispensers that dispense cold water. Our lowest-temperature water remains at room temperature.

As for our Premium 8++ water dispensers, there is a need for a small holding tank. This product line of dispensers dispenses high-quality alkaline water at a much slower speed. Its high specs filtration of 0.0001 micron keeps the water high and removes the need for a rear holding tank yearly. It offers six different levels of temperature settings, being able to also offer room temperature water.

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Water Dispenser

If you want to get a water dispenser for your home or office, there are certain factors that you should consider ensuring that it matches all your requirements.

  • The first factor to consider is what type of dispenser you want. Do you want to connect it with the tap water and filter that water for drinking purposes, or do you want to use filtered water bottles to be used in a bottled dispenser?

  • One of the factors to consider if you are buying a bottled water dispenser is how much space you have for placing it. If you have limited space, you might want a countertop dispenser. On the other hand, if you have more space available, you can get a water dispenser that has a refrigerator unit as well.

  • The price of the water dispenser also plays a role in deciding on choosing a particular type of dispenser. A high-priced dispenser may be out of your budget, but it will definitely offer more features and will guarantee better-quality drinking water.

  • Another factor that is important before choosing a water dispenser is how many people will be using it. For smaller families, a bottled dispenser may work fine, but it will not be able to match the water requirements of a larger family or group, in which case a point of use water dispenser should be the preferable choice.

  • The features, filtration, and purification system that the water dispenser offers also play a role in shaping your decision of choosing a dispenser. Bottled water dispensers may not offer any filtration properties, whereas you can expect several different features in point-of-use dispensers.

  • The design and brand of the water dispenser can also affect your decision of choosing one. You may want a design that matches the other aesthetics of your home. Similarly, you may prefer one brand over the other because of its higher quality, after-sale services, and brand loyalty.

Coral Pure Natural Water Dispenser

Coral Pure Natural offers state-of-the-art filtration, purification, and dispensing solution to provide you with the best-quality alkaline hydrogen water for you and your family.

Coral Pure Natural offers a point of use tankless hot water dispenser that uses its advanced technology for the filtration and purification of water. Some of the salient features of Coral Pure Natural water dispensers are discussed below:

● Coral Pure Natural uses 12 Stages from 8 filter system that guarantees high-quality alkaline water.

● Coral Pure Natural uses reverse osmosis and remineralisation filters that add beneficial natural minerals to the water along with increasing the water’s alkalinity and antioxidant properties.

● Coral Pure Natural ensures the addition of safe levels of the following minerals in the water and provides the corresponding benefits to its users:

● Calcium helps in promoting better bone health along with ensuring better functioning of the kidneys, heart, and liver.

● Magnesium helps in regulating blood pressure and diabetes. It also helps in bringing the inflammation down.

● Iron helps in maintaining a good level of haemoglobin in the body, which assists in better oxygen supply throughout the body.

● Potassium helps in maintaining better muscle health and also helps in improving immunity.

● Zinc is responsible for increasing one’s immunity and lowering inflammation in the body.

● Silica helps in improving brain health, spinal cord issues, and prevents memory problems.

● Coral Pura Natural water dispensers use state-of-the-art technology to provide naturally ionised water with a PH value between 9 to 10.5. It has the properties to detoxify your body and provide all the benefits of natural alkaline water.

● Coral Pure Natural dispenser uses NSF ANSI 58 certified reverse osmosis technology that has a 0.0001-micron filtration system that removes harmful TDS and fluoride from the water.

● Coral Pure Natural water dispensers come in a sleek and modern design that can match the aesthetics of different types of interior designs.

● The filtered and purified water dispensed by Coral Pure Natural has been tested by SGS Singapore and declared 100% safe and healthy.

Coral Pure Natural’s water dispensers are a popular choice for many individuals and families in Singapore. Clients offer many positive testimonials and satisfied reviews after using the dispensers by Coral Pure Natural.

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