Premium 8++

8 Filters System With More Than 12 Stages Filtration

8 Main Features:

  • Highest specification and most advance filtration, with Made In Korea Nano Reverse Osmosis Membrane.

  • Premium spec with more than 12 stages filtration at most competitive pricing and lowest pricing in long term filters change.

  • NSF ANSI 42, 53, 58 & 61 Certified.

  • Tested & Certified by SGS Singapore, exceed World Health Organization requirement. Higher Water Quality Than 95% Of Water Purifier.

  • Natural Ionizer Generate high quality drinking water with natural essential minerals, alkalinity, antioxidant and hydrogen water.

  • Generate 72 types of natural minerals essential for human body, especially Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron & Potassium.

  • High quality drinking water similar to natural spring water found in longevity villages and island, that can effectively boost immunity, defer aging and improve overall health. ORP (-100mv to -250mv), Dissolved Hydrogen Molecule (0.5ppm to 1.3ppm), PH (9 to 10)  

  • Low TDS (50 to 60ppm)  Nutritious water with small cluster size molecules and Far-Infrared Ray Energy water that allows easy absorption and hydration for human body, enabling effective flushing of toxins. 


Some of the health benefits include:


  • Improve body detoxification.

  • Assist in slimming

  • Better control of cholesterol 

  • Improve low blood count / high blood pressure

  • Improve / prevent kidney problem

  • Improve / prevent diabetes 

  • Improve skin complexion and reduce eczema

  • Improve liver function

  • Improve heart function

  • Improve digestive system

  • Prevent cancers

  • Improve / prevent bones and orthopedic related problem

  • Prevent / reduce insomnia

  • Prevent body aches due to gout related problem

  • Improve overall immunity and reduce the chance of falling sick 

  • Improve overall health

  • Promote proper growth in children (Impurities in tap water like chloride, fluoride, lead, virus, bacteria etc can affect growth of children and may cause cancer after prolonged usage)


***Coral Pure Premium 8++ has 100 times better filtration than Premium Trilogy and Premium 7, which give very smoothing & natural sweet taste as well as better health benefits***


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Premium 8++

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