Why Switch To Coral Pure?

More than 50% of customers have switched over to Coral Pure after doing researches and have to spend a hefty sum on OEM dispensers that don't even give them the least benefits in their well-being of health.


Coral Pure Promise and Proven!


There are so many brands to choose from. Which brand can really offer you the best quality purified water? Enquire from the different brands on the following key factors:

  1. Removal Of Fluoride - Fluoride which is more toxic than chlorine is one of the most difficult to remove from tap water. 90% of water purifier only offer 10 to 20% removal, while Coral Pure caters up to 95% removal.

  2. Removal of Chloride, Sulphate and other harmful TDS, chlorine can be easily achieved by any water purifier. But chloride, sulphate, and many other harmful TDS can only be removed by 10% of water purifier which utilises reverse osmosis 0.0001-micron filtration and Coral Pure is one of the 10%.

  3. Number of Natural Alkaline Hydrogen Mineral filters Natural alkaline minerals are essential for human health. Coral Pure offers 4 alkaline hydrogen mineral filters, ensuring that your body receives the 72 essential minerals needed, while most alkaline water purifier only consists of 1 alkaline filter for the minimal coverage.

  4. Importance Of Hydrogen Water brings numerous benefits to individuals of all age groups, from toddlers to the elderly, be it healthy or facing health conditions. It has been supported by more than 1000 clinical studies as better prevention and effective remedy to various chronic illnesses and cancer, as well as antioxidants to boost overall immunity and defer ageing. However, only a small percentage of water purifiers in the market offer hydrogen water.

  5. Filters Life (Running Cost) Most brands offer only 3500L to 5000L per filter change. For a family with 4 pax and above, with regular home cooking, filter change will be min. twice for most brands.


For Coral Pure Premium 8++, Premium 9 & 9 Compact, we developed this heavy-duty system with more and bigger size filters to offer our consumers 10,000L for cooking n washing from the faucet, and another 10,000L for drinking from the tankless hot dispenser. Thus, you’ll only require to change filters once per year.


This is the highest specs filtration available in the market as the majority of the brands only have NSF 42, the most basic filtration to remove chlorine and improve water taste. When your research is thorough, you will perhaps agree that Coral Pure Premium 8++ is the most value-for-money water system you can find in Singapore.

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Coral Pure Water Filters Purifiers

*The most preferred water purifier is type E.

Coral Pure Premium 8++ / 9 is also a type E water purifier.

Coral Pure Premium 4, 5 and 7 are type B. Prices are also much lower.

Coral Pure Filter Cost Breakdown

Better quality & better cost savings

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