Fluoride and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Removal

Fluoride in Drinking Water

Fluoride comes from fluorine, which is a common element in our day to day lives. However, excessive fluoride exposure may be associated with adverse cognitive and endocrine outcomes, especially for vulnerable populations (National Research Council, 2006). A Canadian study also reported that higher fluoride exposure in pregnant women was associated with lower IQ scores in young children (Till, 2020).


Many developed nations do not fluoridate their water. Fluoridation of tap water is banned in most developed countries such as Europe, Japan, Korea, China and Russia. In western Europe, for example, only 3% of the population consumes fluoridated water. Only 11 countries in the world have more than 50% of their population drinking fluoridated water:

  • Australia (80%)

  • Brunei (95%)

  • Chile (70%)

  • Guyana (62%)

  • Hong Kong (100%)

  • The Irish Republic (73%)

  • Malaysia (75%)

  • New Zealand (62%)

  • Singapore (100%)

  • United States (64%)

Many communities in Canada, the USA, Australia, Israel, and New Zealand have stopped fluoridating their water supplies over the past two decades.

Harmful Effects of Fluoride

Fluoride may be present in quantities that are not acceptable to certain groups of people like infants and young children, who already get fluoride that is added to tap water (Wuang, 2017).


Slows the growth development: Fluoridation can cause slower development for children and affect their IQ or cause autism. A 2012 study by the Harvard School of Public Health found that children in high-fluoride areas had significantly lower IQ scores than those who lived in low-fluoride areas.​


Dental fluorosis: Dental fluorosis occurs when you consume too much fluoride while having teeth that are still encased and growing under your gums. This is particularly common for young children who are still having their baby teeth. Children are also more likely to ingest toothpaste, which is also another concentrated source of fluoride. This may result in white spots forming on the external layer of your teeth, making your teeth look less aesthetically pleasing.


Skeletal fluorosis: Skeletal fluorosis is similar to dental fluorosis, but it involves the damage of bones instead of teeth. Early symptoms may cause joint pain. Over a longer period, skeletal fluorosis may further damage the bone structure and the skeletal system.


May cause cancer: Evidence shows that male rats that were given high fluoride content to drink for two years have an increased risk for bone tumours. This type of bone tumour is known as osteosarcoma. This risk was not witnessed or seen in female rats (PMC, 2018). Boys also have an increased risk than girls of developing osteosarcoma when exposed to fluoride drinking water (PMC, 2011).


Yet, fluoride is still a common element found in Singapore’s tap water This has caused worry for many consumers on the dangers of drinking fluoride water. Unlike fluoride products like toothpaste and mouthwash which aren’t ingested, drinking water comes into contact with our organs.

Removal of Fluoride from Drinking Water

Does Boiling Water Remove Fluoride?

​The short answer is no as fluoride does not evaporate or boil easily as chlorine does. This chemical element’s boiling point is much higher. Also, the volume of water decreases as it boils, increasing the concentration of fluoride in the water.

Use of Fluoride Removal Filter

Only fluoride removal water filters can help to remove fluoride effectively. Pre-filtering is a process that is known to get rid of larger particles in your water supply. Small particles of dirt and sand floating around in your water are usually filtered out at this stage of the filtering process.


The most effective filtration to remove fluoride and heavy metals are through the Reverse Osmosis process, using the USA NSF ANSI 58-certified 0.0001 micron pore size water filter. Only reverse osmosis (0.0001 micron) filtration can effectively remove fluoride and most contaminants.


Nano filtration (0.001 Micron) does not remove fluoride.


If you’d like to use water purifiers to remove the fluoride in your drinking water in Singapore, about 90% of water purifiers in the market can only remove a maximum of 10%-20% fluoride from tap water. They lack the necessary fluoride removal water filters.


Meanwhile, Coral Pure Natural’s water purifiers remove up to 100% of fluoride in the water that you consume. Our Premium 8++ water purifier can achieve up to 95% fluoride removal with 0.0001-micron filtration while our Premium 9 water purifier can achieve 100% fluoride removal due to our fluoride removal water filters and reverse osmosis filtration.

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) is a measure of the total concentration of dissolved solids. It is essentially a measure of harmful impurities, minerals, or anything dissolved in water that is not an H2O molecule. TDS in water can come from anywhere, including natural water springs, chemicals used to treat the water supply tanks, and even from your home plumbing system. 


The common types of total dissolved solids, heavy metals and their chemical names include Aluminium, Cadmium, Arsenic, Chloride/Chlorine, Copper, Fluoride, Herbicides, Iron, Lead, Sulfate, and Mercury.

Removal of TDS from Water

TDS can be easily removed through the reverse osmosis process. Reverse osmosis is a method for treating water and wastewater by applying pressure to the water to filter out salt ions. This process removes up to 98% of TDS through its 0.0001 micron membrane.


Filtering harmful TDS can only be achieved by USA NSF ANSI 58-certified Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filtration, but only about 5% of water purifiers in the market incorporate RO system.

 If you’d like to use water purifiers to remove the TDS in your drinking water in Singapore, about 90% of water purifiers in the market do not have the capability to remove TDS from tap water. Meanwhile, Coral Pure Natural’s water purifiers remove up to 98% of TDS in the water that you consume.


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