Best Alkaline Water Purifier and Dispenser System in Singapore
Certified by Singapore SGS Lab and TUV on water quality exceeding World Health Organization guideline, our Alkaline water purifier system has the highest specifications in filtration (0.0001 microns) and contains the most restructured natural alkaline hydrogen minerals in Singapore.

Our purified water is 100% natural, with properties similar to those found in natural spring water. Each glass you drink is enriched with natural minerals and healthy nutrients. 


It is suitable for all age groups, including young children, the elderly, and individuals on medication.

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Upgrading Lives!

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Why Choose Coral Pure Natural’s Water Purifiers In Singapore?

Highest specifications guarantee: Coral Pure Natural’s alkaline water purifier system offers the highest specifications in filtration (0.0001 microns), compared to our competitors. Only 5% of water purifiers in the global market have the USA NSF/ANSI 58 certification for their 0.0001-micron water filters. Our filters eliminate 96% TDS which most of the water purifiers in the market cannot achieve. In rare instances where you find a filtration system that surpasses Coral Pure Natural’s water purifiers, approach us with the statistics and we will give away one of our Premium water purifiers for free.

Greater removal of fluoride: Fluoride is a common element found in Singapore’s tap water to ensure that it remains clean. However, research has shown that fluoride can be harmful to our body and well-being[1]. About 95% of water purifiers in the market only remove 10-20% of fluoride. Meanwhile, Coral Pure Natural’s water purifiers remove up to 95% of fluoride in the water that you consume.


Essential alkaline minerals re-added: Coral Pure Natural’s alkaline water purifier system contains the most restructured natural alkaline hydrogen minerals in Singapore. Water is a crucial element in our body. With the addition of the 72 minerals from coral stones such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc, your body can continue to stay healthy, fight illnesses and develop better immunity.

Lower maintenance costs: The filters in Coral Pure Natural’s water purifiers only need to be changed once a year. Delivering up to 20 000 litres, our water purifiers can serve a larger number of people and be installed in any residential, commercial or industrial premises.


[1] Brazier, Y. (2018, February 21). Why do we have fluoride in our water? Medical News Today.

Why Drink Alkaline Water?

Our bodies don’t make water, but water makes up some 60 percent of our body weight. It is an essential nutrient that keeps our body temperature regulated.


Alkaline water offers even better benefits than plain water. It contains minerals which are also necessary nutrients that help our bodies function properly and stay healthy, such as maintaining an appropriate pH in our bodies.


Certain minerals like potassium and calcium cannot be naturally produced by our bodies, so we need to get these mineral supplements from other sources such as alkaline water. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), we will be more prone to falling ill if there is a lack of water and minerals in our body. WHO recommends drinking healthy alkaline water that contains natural alkaline minerals like calcium and magnesium[2]. Coral Pure Natural’s premium water systems contain alkaline filters rich in 72 minerals from coral stones such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc.

 [2] World Health Organization. (2009). Calcium and Magnesium in Drinking Water.

Water Tests On Our Alkaline Water

1) Antioxidant Iodine Test and Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) Test: In the Antioxidant Iodine Test, water that is rich in antioxidants will neutralize the iodine colour and the water will continue to remain crystal clear. Meanwhile, oxidative water will react with the iodine and turn brownish-yellow.


In the ORP Test, water rich in antioxidants will have a negative value, while water with a positive ORP value indicates a failed iodine test.


Not many water filtration system brands in the market can pass the Antioxidant Iodine Test or receive a negative ORP value. Coral Pure Natural’s alkaline water surpasses both tests, with a negative ORP value of -496 and with water that remains crystal clear.


2) pH Test: In the pH test that measures the alkalinity of the water, Coral Pure Natural’s alkaline water has a pH value above 10. This indicates an abundance of essential alkaline minerals in the water.


3) Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Test: In the TDS test, Coral Pure Natural’s water has a TDS value of 96, which indicates that the water is soft and ideal. This is due to our water filters that have the highest specifications (0.0001 micron). These filters eliminate 96% of the TDS which most of the water purifiers in the market cannot achieve.

4) Small Cluster Size Water Molecule Test: In this test, the colour change indicates the presence of smaller cluster size water molecules. The smaller the water molecules, the easier it is for our bodies to absorb the water and alkaline minerals.


It is important for a thorough purification to take place. Even if the water contains smaller cluster size water molecules, harmful impurities such as fluoride, sulphate, chloride and TDS are still present. These impurities are then easily absorbed into our body, causing more harm than good.

5) Tea Test: There is a faster dissolution in Coral Pure Natural’s alkaline water, which indicates the presence of smaller cluster size water molecules. The difference in the tea colour at the end also indicates the presence of coral minerals and precious stones such as tourmaline, green jade, and crystal in our water. These precious stones can rapidly break down tea and provide the maximum benefits as compared to normal purified water.

Customer's Testimonials

Superior Water Quality

Lilian had installed a Coral Pure Natural water filtration and purifier system in her home since September 2019. Other than being satisfied with the water quality, she feels stronger after drinking her purified water despite undergoing a heart operation.

Significant Improvement in Blood Pressure

In a short span of 8 months, Mr Kamal had seen significant improvement in his blood pressure,
cholesterol and uric acid level.

Improved Immunity

Mdm Noorhana and her family’s health and lives have been greatly uplifted after drinking Coral Pure Natural’s alkaline water. There are lesser visits to the doctor and vet as well as more healthy drinking habits.

Health is Wealth

Mr Thomas Leong and his family have been using Coral Pure Natural’s water filtration system for 1.5 years. He has seen improvements in his parents’ and newborn baby’s health. The better water quality and the benefits of alkaline minerals play a big part in this improvement.

Protect your loved ones

From medical to aesthetics conditions, it’s amazing to see how their family of 6 has benefitted from Coral Pure Natural’s water purifiers.

Providing Essential Alkaline Minerals

Let this pair of siblings who have been drinking Coral Pure for almost 8 years share with you how it has helped them. They claim our great-tasting, soft, and refreshing water keep them well-hydrated and more rejuvenated.