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Coral Pure Natural Alkaline Water Systems

Coral Pure's Natural Antioxidant Hydrogen Alkaline Mineral Water machine offers highest spec filtration  (0.0001 Micron) and most comprehensive structured antioxidant water.


Not Only it can improve immunity, fight aging, battle chronic illnesses and improve overall health, but it is also the best TASTING purified water among all brands !!!

Coral Pure water dispenser not only gives you an endless stream of high quality TASTY Natural Antioxidant Hydrogen Alkaline Water, every glass is enriched with national minerals filled with healthy nutrients. 


Coral Pure's purified water is suitable for all age groups, including young children and people on medication as it is 100% natural with properties similar to those found in natural spring water.


Only 5% Of Water Purifier With USA NSF ANSI 58 Certified Filtration 0.0001 Micron (Highest Standard Globally)

Introducing The Longevity Antioxidant Water by Coral Pure, which owns the highest specs of USA NSF 58 certified 0.0001 Micron water filtration system in the market. It eliminates 96% TDS which most of the water purifiers in the market can’t achieve.


Fluoride is harmful to our body & well-being. About 95% of water purifiers in the market only removes 10-20% of fluoride whereas Our water purifier is able to remove 80-90% of fluoride in the water that you consume. That’s more in our water! It is rich in hydrogen, alkaline, dissolves oxygen & antioxidant.


Coral Pure system also has a low maintenance costs as the filters are only change once a year. Our water purifiers can deliver up to 10.000litres serving a larger family size.

Water is a crucial element in our body and drinking Coral Pure alkaline water will prevent & battle critical illness, improves & boost immunity as well as slowing down the process of aging for you and your family.


If you do a research, you will know that Coral Pure water filtration system has the highest specs and benefits for water purifiers. If you are able to find any filtration system which surpasses Coral Pure, approach us with the statistics and we will give away one of our Premium water purifier free.


Well-being is the Top Priority of Coral Pure water. Drink Healthy, Live Healthy.

High Capacity Water Dispenser Suitable For Home, Commercial & Industrial

Reviews of Our Alkaline Water Products

Alkaline minerals are essential for all metabolism in our body in order for our bodies to stay healthy. Minerals are necessary nutrients that help our bodies work properly, including bones, teeth and blood oxygen.

Alkaline mineral water is also beneficial to your health, such as adjusting to maintain an appropriate pH in your body. If there is a lack of minerals and water in the body, we will be better exposed to various diseases and increase the frequency of stress. In particular, minerals cannot be produced by our body, so the body needs minerals supplement from the water. Our body absorbs the minerals in water faster compared to fruits and vegetables.

Water increases the amount of blood and lymph which promotes a smooth detoxification. The long term realization for health is to drink more clean water, exercise frequently and stay away from unhealthy food.

Why Drink Alkaline Water?

The World Health Organization


(WHO) has recommended healthy drinking water must contain Natural Alkaline Mineral like calcium and magnesium. Coral Pure ensures you and your family will enjoy the truly healthy nutritious water you need. Now you can heal chronic illness and get the robust health you want and deserve.

"Both calcium and magnesium are essential to human health. Inadequate intake of either nutrient can impair health"


Without minerals, we’ll suffer a lot of diseases and may not achieve the longevity of life we’ve always dreamed of.

In 2009, World Health Organization (WHO) released a publication on the topic of 'Calcium and Magnesium In Drinking Water', a 190 pg report including data to share great health benefits of Calcium & Magnesium in drinking water.

These are found in Coral Pure's Premium Water System as all Alkaline and Mineral filters used are rich in natural Calcium and Magnesium.

With sufficient intake of Calcium & Magnesium, human body can avoid lots of health complication and chronic diseases. 

​Can download the WHO report here:

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