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More than 70% of our customers of Premium 8 / 9 users were previously using systems from other major brands. They are either the 2nd or 3rd time buyers and have done extensive research before learning that Coral Pure is the best water purifier in the market.

If health is your top priority when comes to purchasing a water purifier, we highly encourage you to do extensive research to understand the spec of each brand, and invest in the right system. This will reduce the hassle like what 70% of our Premium 8 / 9 users have gone through, which they have spent double /triple the cost in order to find out the best alkaline water system and benefit from it.

Switch-Over Water Challenge
Episode 1

Coral Pure Premium 9 Compact vs Popular Ionisers - Who is the winner?

Episode 2

Coral Pure Premium 9 vs Popular Ioniser & Alkaline Water.

Episode 3

Water Test Battle - Coral Pure Premium 9 vs Hydro***x

Episode 4

Water Test Battle - Coral pure Premium 9 Slim vs Ru***s

Episode 5

Water Test Battle - Premium 9 Compact proves its superior quality

Episode 6

Water Test Battle - Premium 9 vs C**koo

Episode 7

Premium 9 Slim After Installation Water Quality Test

Episode 8

Another Kg switch over to Coral Pure P9 Slim! Watch water quality test

Episode 9

P9 Slim installation in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Episode 10

Hyf*** Switched to Coral Pure with Water Quality Test

Episode 11

Premium 9 Compact After Installation Water Quality Test

Episode 12

Another successful switch-over customer to Coral Pure P9 Compact

Episode 13

Coral Pure vs Ioniser vs RO vs Hydrogen Dispenser - Who is the winner?

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    Customer's Testimonials

    Superior Water Quality

    Ms Lilian had installed a Coral Pure Natural water filtration system in her home since September 2019. After installation, she is amazed by the water quality and feels much stronger after drinking, despite battling chronic heart complications for many years. Her husband who suffers from diabetes also managed to be lifted off medication by doctor.


    Health is Wealth

    Mr. Leong and his family have been using Coral Pure Natural’s water filtration system for more than 1.5 years. He has seen improvements in his parent’s and daughter’s health. The better water quality and the benefits of mineral-rich alkaline hydrogen water played a big part in this improvement.

    Significant Improvement in Blood Pressure

    In a short span of 8 months, Mr. Kamal had seen significant improvement in his blood pressure, cholesterol and uric acid level.

    Protect Your Loved Ones with the Leading Tap Water Filtration System in Singapore

    From medical to aesthetics conditions, it’s amazing to see how their family has benefitted from Coral Pure Natural’s water purifiers.

    Lose Weight and Be Healthier

    Mr. Saaban has been using Coral Pure water filtration system for a year. He has seen great improvements in his health condition, and his yearly health check report has surprised his doctor with good numbers. Besides, Mr Saaban has successfully lost 5kg in a year!

    Tankless Water Purifier Providing Essential Alkaline Minerals

    Mdm Guan Di is now a firm believer in the beneficial effects of Coral Pure’s water after having experienced it first hand.

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