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Why some water purifiers / dispensers / Ionizers can cause more harm than regular tap water ???

Check out our latest water quality challenge “Coral Pure Premium 9 Compact” vs 2 other very popular ionizer machines.

Most Alkaline water dispensers / Water Purifiers / Alkaline Ionizers do not provide thorough purification. Even though they generate smaller cluster size water molecules, harmful impurities such as Fluoride, Sulphate, Chloride and other harmful Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are still present in the water, making it easier for these impurities to be absorbed into our body, causing more harm than good.

Therefore it is important to invest in an alkaline water purifier with USA NSF 58 CERTIFIED filtration.

Watch video on Coral Pure Premium 9 Compact vs 2 other most expensive ionizers in Singapore.

The benefits of hydrogen water are supported by more than 1000 clinical studies as better prevention and effective remedy to various chronic illnesses and cancer, as well as antioxidants to boost overall immunity and defer ageing. However, only a small percentage of water purifiers in the market offer hydrogen water. Only less than 10% of water purifier systems in the market can effectively remove fluoride and heavy metals.

Drinking hydrogen water will better prevent critical illnesses, improve your immunity, and slow down the process of ageing.

Choosing A Competent Alkaline Water Purifier

There are so many brands to choose from when selecting your alkaline water system. Which brand can offer you the best alkaline water filters that produce good quality, pure alkaline water? These key factors are what to look out for when selecting the best alkaline water system.

#1: More than 1000 clinical studies on the health benefits of Hydrogen Water

There are more than 1000 clinical studies on the health benefits of (Hydrogen Water). 
Some of the benefits include:
May Suppress Inflammation
May Reduces Muscle Fatigue, Motor Deficits, and Muscle Degeneration
May Prevent Metabolic Syndrome
May Help in Weight Loss
May better treat Diabetes
May better prevent Cancer
May improve Skin Health
May Improve immunity and better battle chronic illnesses
May assist to Combat sign of ageing
For more health benefits of hydrogen water, please click here 

#2: Removal Of Fluoride

Fluoride, which is more toxic than chlorine, is one of the most difficult to remove from tap water. 90% of water purifiers only offer 10 to 20% removal, while Coral Pure caters up to 100% removal. Read more about the harmful effects of fluoride here.

#3: Removal Of Chloride, Sulphate, Heavy Metals and other harmful Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

The removal of chlorine can be easily achieved by any water purifier. But chloride, sulphate, heavy metals and many other harmful TDS can only be removed by 10% of water purifiers in the market. These water purifiers utilise reverse osmosis 0.0001-micron filtration in compliance with USA NSF/ANSI 58-certified filtration.

NSF/ANSI 58 is the highest filtration certification which can completely remove heavy metals and TDS, compared to NSF/ANSI 42. Majority of the brands only use the basic NSF/ANSI 42 filtration to remove chlorine and improve water taste. However, Coral Pure’s 4th filter membrane complies with NSF/ANSI 58, while its 5th to 8th filters are remineralisation restructuring filters. Read more about our water purifier’s reverse osmosis filtration process here.

#4: Number of Natural Alkaline Hydrogen Mineral Filters

Natural alkaline minerals are essential for human health. While most alkaline water purifiers only consist of one alkaline filter for minimal coverage, Coral Pure offers 5 alkaline hydrogen mineral filters, ensuring that your body receives the 72 essential minerals needed.

Hydrogen water is beneficial to individuals of all age groups, including toddlers, the elderly, and those who are on medication. Our alkaline water has received many users’ testimonials and reviews

#5: Filters’ Lifespan (Maintenance Cost)

Most brands offer only 3500L to 5000L per filter change. With regular cooking, the water filters have to be changed twice minimally for a family of four and above. Filters with low capacity have a shorter lifespan and require a higher frequency of change. This also means that the water gets contaminated easily, resulting in acidic drinking water that can cause numerous health conditions. Most users prefer purified water for cooking and washing as chlorine and toxic chemicals can be absorbed into food within a few seconds during preparation, affecting taste, food quality, and overall health.

However, our filters are made for heavy-duty usage, supporting you and your family with good health for an entire year. Our Coral Pure Premium 8 / 9 are heavy-duty systems with more and bigger-sized filters. 10,000L are available for cooking and washing from the faucet as well as another 10,000L for drinking from the tankless hot dispenser. The filters only have to be changed once a year, keeping the maintenance costs low.

#6: Testimonials
Coral Pure Natural has a proven system that helps many users to upgrade their health. We are also the only ones that can offer health improvement guarantees that come with 100% money refund.

All our testimonials and reviews on health improvement are of Type E (Premium 8 and 9 series). They fulfil the capabilities of removing all kinds of toxic impurities, especially fluoride, heavy metals, and bacteria, which more than 95% of water purifiers can not achieve.

Almost 100% of our users who drink min 3 litres of our Type E system (Premium 8 and Premium 9 series) experience health improvement or maintain their health better.

For Type B (Premium 4, 5, and 7) and Type A, C, and D, we do not recommend drinking more than 2 litres, as harmful TDS are not removed. This includes heavy metals and fluoride, which is only partially removed. For Type D, it is pure distilled or RO water without minerals, which can cause health deterioration.

Such observations provide confidence for Coral Pure to offer a money back guarantee on health improvement, as long as the user is willing to drink min 3 litres of our premium 9 water daily.

Coral Pure is a proven system that help many families to upgrade their health.

Click below to view more testimonials from our existing customers from Premium 8 and 9 👇🏻

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Why Coral Pure Has The Best Alkaline Water Filters In Singapore

Coral Pure’s filtration system has the highest specifications in filtration (0.0001 microns) and contains the most restructured and crystal-energising natural alkaline hydrogen mineral water in Singapore.

Water is a crucial element in our body. We have a proven system that is supported by many users’ testimonials.

Your well-being is the top priority for us. If you can find any alkaline filtration system which surpasses Coral Pure, approach us with the statistics and we will give away one of our Premium water purifiers for free. Drink Healthy, Live Healthy. Don’t forget you are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee on the highest specification filtration models.  

Water Quality Tests On Our Alkaline Water
1) Heavy Metals Test

Surprisingly more than 95% water purifier fail this test.

Heavy metals can be unknowingly deposited into the water from corroded water pipes and incompetent maintenance of the water storage. Heavy metals damage our DNA structure and affect cognitive functions and development, reducing our quality of life. A good alkaline water system can remove heavy metals from your drinking water.

Electrolysis test: This test is recognised by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA as the simplest and most efficient water quality test for the presence of heavy metals. An indication of heavy metals is the water turning black.

However, Coral Pure’s filtered water turned yellow after two rounds of the electrolysis process, showcasing the abundance of rich natural alkaline minerals present in the water. Only water purifiers in compliance with and NSF/ANSI 58 can consistently remove heavy metals.

2) Antioxidant Iodine Test and Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP)

Test: In the Antioxidant Iodine Test, water that is rich in antioxidants will neutralize the iodine colour and cause the water to remain crystal clear. Meanwhile, oxidative water will react with the iodine and turn brownish-yellow.

In the ORP Test, water rich in antioxidants will have a negative value, while water with a positive ORP value indicates a failed iodine test.

Not many water filtration system brands in the market can pass the antioxidant iodine test or receive a negative ORP value. Coral Pure Natural’s alkaline water surpasses both tests, with a negative ORP value of -496 and crystal clear water.

3) pH Test:

In the pH test which measures the alkalinity in the water, Coral Pure Natural’s alkaline water has a pH value above 10. This indicates an abundance of essential alkaline minerals in the water.​

4) Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Test:

In the TDS test, Coral Pure Natural’s water has a TDS value of 96, which indicates that the water is soft and ideal. This is due to our highest specifications in filtration (0.0001 micron), compared to our competitors. These NSF/ANSI 58-certified filters eliminate 96% TDS which most of the water purifiers in the market cannot achieve.

The original TDS found in tap water is first removed by 96% via Reverse Osmosis, producing pure water which is then re-mineralized and restructured by the last 4 Alkaline hydrogen mineral filters to generate water containing a good amount of alkaline minerals with antioxidant properties. The TDS test reaffirms the high pH level is due to the water containing high amounts of good alkaline minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron.


5) Small Cluster Size Water Molecule Test:

In this test, the colour change indicates the presence of smaller cluster size water molecules. The darker the colour turns purple, the smaller the water molecule. The smaller the water molecules, the easier it is for our bodies to absorb the water and minerals like oxygen and hydrogen. A thorough purification needs to take place.

Even though the water contains smaller cluster size water molecules, harmful impurities such as fluoride, sulphate, chloride and TDS are still present. These impurities are then easily absorbed into our bodies, causing more harm than good.

6) Tea Test:

There is a faster dissolution in Coral Pure Natural’s alkaline water, which indicates the presence of smaller cluster size water molecules.

The difference in the tea colour at the end also indicates the presence of coral minerals and precious stones such as tourmaline, green jade, and crystal in our water.

These precious stones can rapidly break down tea and provide the maximum benefits as compared to normal purified water.

7) Hot Water Test:

A series of water tests was done on the hot boiling water at 100 Degrees Celcius. Coral Pure proves that there’s nothing to worry about because the Natural Alkaline Hydrogen Mineral Water performs just as superior even under high heat conditions.

Specifications Of Our Water Purifier System

Boost your immunity by using the Coral Pure Premium Alkaline Hydrogen Mineral water system. A glass of hydrogen water contains about 170 times more antioxidants than Vitamin C.

Coral Pure offers the most comprehensive alkaline water filter system that uses the highest specifications filtration. The water filters are made in Korea with reverse osmosis membrane (0.0001 microns) and in compliance with USA NSF/ANSI 58.

The premium purifier runs with a 9-filter system. The first 4 filters include RO membrane for purification, with the other 5 alkaline hydrogen mineral filters that generate high-quality natural alkaline hydrogen spring water with small cluster size molecules. 

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    Customer's Testimonials

    Superior Water Quality

    Ms Lilian had installed a Coral Pure Natural water filtration system in her home since September 2019. After installation, she is amazed by the water quality and feels much stronger after drinking, despite battling chronic heart complications for many years. Her husband who suffers from diabetes also managed to be lifted off medication by doctor.


    Health is Wealth

    Mr. Leong and his family have been using Coral Pure Natural’s water filtration system for more than 1.5 years. He has seen improvements in his parent’s and daughter’s health. The better water quality and the benefits of mineral-rich alkaline hydrogen water played a big part in this improvement.

    Significant Improvement in Blood Pressure

    In a short span of 8 months, Mr. Kamal had seen significant improvement in his blood pressure, cholesterol and uric acid level.

    Protect Your Loved Ones with the Leading Tap Water Filtration System in Singapore

    From medical to aesthetics conditions, it’s amazing to see how their family has benefitted from Coral Pure Natural’s water purifiers.

    Lose Weight and Be Healthier

    Mr. Saaban has been using Coral Pure water filtration system for a year. He has seen great improvements in his health condition, and his yearly health check report has surprised his doctor with good numbers. Besides, Mr Saaban has successfully lost 5kg in a year!

    Tankless Water Purifier Providing Essential Alkaline Minerals

    Mdm Guan Di is now a firm believer in the beneficial effects of Coral Pure’s water after having experienced it first hand.

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