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More than 70% of Coral Pure’s existing customers have switched over from other brands, they feel the responsibility to step out to testify on the great health benefits experienced thus far.

With the most Premium Water System in the market, Coral Pure is committed to you & your family’s health and wellbeing. Thank you to all our customers & supporters for making Coral Pure your premium choice!

There are more than 1000 clinical studies on the health benefits of (Hydrogen Water). 
Some of the benefits include:
May Suppress Inflammation
May Reduces Muscle Fatigue, Motor Deficits, and Muscle Degeneration
May Prevent Metabolic Syndrome
May Help in Weight Loss
May better treat Diabetes
May better prevent Cancer
May improve Skin Health
May Improve immunity and better battle chronic illnesses
May assist to Combat sign of ageing
For more health benefits of hydrogen water, please click here 

Ms. Serene

“My freckles lighten and constipation is gone!”
– Serene

Unlock Ultimate Savings on Facial Care via the Power of Coral Pure Antioxidant Hydrogen Water!!! Say Goodbye to Acute Constipation, Lighten Freckles, Banish Sinus Troubles, and Bid Farewell to Acne!!!

Mr. David

Mr. David, a devoted user of Coral Pure for the past year, expresses profound gratitude for the transformative effects of this purified water on his health. After struggling with an old-age wound for an extended period, Mr. David noticed remarkable improvements just two weeks into regularly consuming Coral Pure. Astonishingly, his wound, which had been a persistent concern, began to heal, leaving him both relieved and impressed. In addition to the healing power he experienced, Mr. David happily reported that his cholesterol levels have returned to normal, and his long-standing issues like constipation have become a thing of the past, emphasizing the holistic benefits he has gained from incorporating Coral Pure into his daily routine.

Remarkable Success: Coral Pure Saving Another Life

“If you’re seeking a water purifier offering guaranteed health improvement, top-notch specifications, and 5-star reviews, consider your quest fulfilled with Coral Pure.”

– Mr. Matias 

At Kampung Senang
For the past 3 years, Coral Pure has been supporting the staff & elderly at Kampung Senang with great quality drinking water. We are blessed to hear from the founder Mdm Joyce Lye on the many benefits that their elderly have received. A special mention of Uncle Kee, cleaner at Kampung Senang for the past 8 years, suffering from diabetes, and experiencing great pain in his daily walkabout. Even with just minimum intake of Coral Pure water only during his working hours, Uncle Kee has seen improvements in his daily movements and positive results in his blood sugar level.
Mdm Lilian Ong

Lilian had installed Coral Pure water filtration system since September 2019 and she was satisfied with the water quality. She had installed two from other brands previously, but weren’t so beneficial compare to Coral Pure. She used to go for medical checkup once every 3 months, but after drinking this water, it was reduced to once every 6 months and now it’s once a year. She had a pacemaker inserted due to the weakened functioning of her heart.

She feels stronger heart operation after drinking Coral Pure’s water over the time. She has also reduced the frequency of taking cholesterol medicine from daily to once a week or sometimes fortnightly. The health condition is showing good results from recent medical checkup with the consultation of doctor.

Besides, Lilian’s husband diabetes condition has greatly improved and NO LONGER NEED TO TAKE MEDICATION. Lilian feels more energetic and no more lethargic. She believes in Coral Pure’s water and feels thankful for all the health benefits for her and family.

“Coral Pure water is soft and easy to drink!”
– Galvan

“I have rarely fall sick and never miss school before.”
– Dionne​

This pair of siblings has been drinking Coral Pure for more than 10 years, and Galvan has been enjoying Coral Pure since born. They like to share with you how it has kept them hydrated and health for years.

​Enjoy good health, drink Coral Pure!

Last May, Ms Tracy had decided to switch to Coral Pure’s 1st gen Premium 8++ after 4 years of using an alkaline under-sink water filtration system from a well-known brand. A year on, we are delighted to know that Ms Tracy and her family have been highly satisfied with Coral Pure’s high quality drinking water. Her health has improved significantly with less respiratory problems, regulated menstrual cycle and both her children’s skin problems have been solved. Tracy’s parents have also benefited from consuming Coral Pure’s water in keeping the common ‘三高’ – blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol at a consistently normal range with the continuous intake of medicine, which could not have been achieved previously by solely medicine intake. Apart from direct consumption, she has also been using filtered water for preparation of food ingredient and frequent cooking. Check out Tracy’s sharing of her journey with Coral Pure!

A year down the road, Frey has no regrets and his whole family has benefited greatly after investing in Coral Pure premium water system. Mr Frey Ng, who had decided to install Coral Pure Premium 8++ after thorough market research on water filtration system with the best filtration specifications and water taste. Mr Ng had spent lots of effort in trying out various alkaline water purifier brands during home demonstrations, yet none of these brands could impress him.

These brands come with averagely 2 – 4 filters system with price ranging from $400 to $2000 plus but the water taste was “unpleasant” and “not worth it”. Few weeks ago, he chanced upon Coral Pure water filtration system and our home demonstration of the comprehensive 8 filters & 12 filtration stages producing natural alkaline hydrogen antioxidant mineral water with small water molecules amazed him as he couldn’t find any other brands that came close to our specifications. It is our pride that Mr Ng and his family have been highly satisfied with the smooth water taste and we hope that Coral Pure water will continue to bring him great benefits! Hear from Mr Ng’s sharing of his journey searching for the best water filtration system!

Swellings were all gone after just 1 week of drinking – customer lim shanyu

prescribed medication can help us yet can cause many side effects. Sufficient intake of good quality water is the key element that strengthens our body and flushes away excessive toxins. Choose a complete filtration system that can provide you with the highest quality drinking water with coral pure today

Mr Saaban has been using Coral Pure water filtration system for a year. Mr Saaban and his family, including this daughter-in-law and grandchildren, are loving Coral Pure water. They enjoy ambient and hot drinks at anytime of the day.

Mr Saaban has seen great improvement in his health condition and his yearly health check report has surprised his doctor with good numbers. Besides, Mr Saaban has successfully lose 5kg in a year!

Coral pure brings you great health benefits!

In this episode, we bring to you mr mathews thomas & his family, consumer of coral pure water filtration system for the past 1.5 years. Its amazing seeing how their family of 6 has benefitted from coral pure, from medical conditions, to aesthetics.

Drink healthy, drink coral pure!

In todays testimonial episode, we bring to you mr thomas leong, consumer of coral pure water filtration system for 1.5 years. Hear from him how coral pure has given him and his family better health and immunity! Better skin complexion for his daughter, his father being able to enjoy food without having gout problems, visits to doctors greatly reduced – these are some of the benefits they have experienced!

Many have chosen coral pure, have you?

We are honoured time and time again knowing how our consumers have benefited from coral pure water system. Today we have mr yong and his daughter sharing with us their experience with our all natural alkaline water

coral pure caters to the needs of all age groups (even the young & old).

Together, we uphold our mission – upgrading lives, one family at a time

Great water – key to maintain great health!

As a vocal instructor with decades of experience, it is crucial for yun xiang to have the best water to maintain his vocal cord. Join him as he shares his story of the health improvements he has seen, from improved immunity, to reduced throat inflammation occurrence and much more.

If you wish to keep yourself in good shape like yun xiang , choose the best water quality that coral pure premium 8++ can provide to you!

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