Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter in Singapore

Coral Pure Natural’s reverse osmosis (RO) filtration system ensures that all toxins and impurities found in water are thoroughly filtered, leaving pure alkaline water. Through this process, we can assure our clients that they are drinking water of the highest quality.

Premium 9 Series Incorporates Reverse Osmosis Technology

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The Reverse Osmosis Process

Reverse osmosis is a water filtration process that uses a semi-permeable membrane (synthetic lining) and pressure to filter out contaminants, sediments, salt ions, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), and even micro-organisms. Only water molecules can flow through and pure water will be left behind. It is the only certified filtration to remove nuclear, arsenic and radioactive substances.

Getting Rid of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in Water Through Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) are essentially a measure of harmful impurities, minerals or anything dissolved in water that is not an H2O molecule. TDS removal can easily be done through the use of reverse osmosis. This process is carried out through the water filters in our water dispenser systems. Common types of TDS and heavy metals include the following:​

Coral Pure’s Best Alkaline Water Filtration

Our alkaline water filtration system has two main functions:

1) Remove harmful substances from the water
2) Enrich the filtered water with natural alkaline minerals from precious stones.

Your water will go through a rigorous alkaline RO filtration​ process, with up to 15 stages. The number of filtration stages and water filters will vary depending on the type of alkaline water purifier bought.

Benefits of Coral Pure’s Best Reverse Osmosis Technology
1) Remove Contaminants

Coral Pure Natural’s reverse osmosis alkaline hydrogen mineral water system includes progressively finer membranes that remove contaminants from your water such as harmful TDS, fluoride, heavy metals as well as 0.0001 microns bacteria and viruses.

95% of water purifiers in the market are unable to effectively filter and remove fluoride. Only USA ANSI/NSF 58-certified reverse osmosis (0.0001 micron) filtration systems can effectively remove fluoride, heavy metals, and other contaminants. However, only about 5% of water purifiers in the market incorporate the reverse osmosis system.

2) Better Health

Our comprehensive natural antioxidant alkaline hydrogen mineral crystal-energising water dispenser gives you naturally ionised structured water that has the ability to detoxify your system, keeping you in good health.

We do not recommend drinking pure RO water without sufficient essential alkalinity (minerals). This is why our tankless water purifier systems in Singapore have additional alkaline minerals filters to provide natural, organic alkaline minerals that are commonly found in natural spring water. The re-mineralisation process will take place after the reverse osmosis filtration.

3) Simple Maintenance

​Most brands offer only 3500L to 5000L per filter change. With regular cooking, the water filters have to be changed twice minimally for a family of four and above. However, our Coral Pure Premium 9 are heavy-duty systems with more filters at bigger sizes. 10,000L are available for cooking and washing from the faucet as well as another 10,000L for drinking from the tankless hot dispenser. The filters only have to be changed once a year, keeping the maintenance costs low. Most users prefer purified water for cooking and washing as chlorine and toxic chemicals can be absorbed into food within a few seconds during preparation, affecting taste, food quality, and overall health.

Frequently Asked Questions About Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems

Reverse osmosis is regarded as one of the most effective ways of removing water contaminants to create pure and healthy drinking water. Installing a reverse osmosis system for your home is worth the investment as it can remove 99% of asbestos, lead, and other contaminants from water, providing your household with mineral-rich alkaline drinking water.

Having clean and healthy drinking water is important in every household. A reverse osmosis purifier can help filter even the most elusive water contaminants out there. The cost of installing a RO water purifier in your home varies and will depend on your specifications and requirements. For more information on pricing and installation costs, you can send us a message. We will answer your enquiries as soon as possible.

There are a few RO water purifier brands available in Singapore. However, Coral Pure Natural is the only company in the country that is NSF-certified. Our water filtration and purification systems have the highest filtration specifications that can provide healthy, clean, and mineral-rich water.

Tap water contains contaminants; therefore, purification is necessary, and it is not possible to obtain pure water without RO filtration. However, it is not ideal to drink water without minerals. Look for a filtration system that includes both RO and remineralizing filters. Coral Pure comes with 3 to 6 remineralizing and restructuring filters that have crystal-energizing hydrogen after the RO filtration.

Due to the harmful health impacts that fluoride can have, many adults and children have switched to using fluoride-free toothpaste. The latest medical research has shown that fluoride may cause more harm than good to human body and teeth.

Drinking pure RO water is not ideal.

RO water is acidic and can be harmful to our bodies. However, without RO filtration, it is impossible to obtain clean and pure water. RO filtration has the finest membrane pore sizes of 0.0001 micron, making it the only filtration type capable of removing fluoride, heavy metals, and other toxic impurities.

Coral Pure includes 3 to 6 remineralizing filters after the RO filtration process. These filters generate antioxidant crystal-energized alkaline hydrogen mineral water that has been proven to benefit the health of users of all ages, from toddlers to the elderly.

Natural Alkaline Minerals such as calcium and magnesium are essential for our bodies to stay healthy. These minerals are necessary nutrients that support the proper functioning of our bones, teeth, and blood. However, our bodies cannot produce them internally, so they must be obtained from external sources, such as food and water.

Antioxidant Hydrogen Water has smaller cluster size molecules, it allows the natural alkaline minerals to be absorbed by our bodies faster than minerals. That’s why drinking alkaline water is the best way to supplement our bodies’ mineral deficiencies and enjoy the multitude of benefits they provide.

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    Customer's Testimonials

    Superior Water Quality

    Ms Lilian had installed a Coral Pure Natural water filtration system in her home since September 2019. After installation, she is amazed by the water quality and feels much stronger after drinking, despite battling chronic heart complications for many years. Her husband who suffers from diabetes also managed to be lifted off medication by doctor.


    Health is Wealth

    Mr. Leong and his family have been using Coral Pure Natural’s water filtration system for more than 1.5 years. He has seen improvements in his parent’s and daughter’s health. The better water quality and the benefits of mineral-rich alkaline hydrogen water played a big part in this improvement.

    Significant Improvement in Blood Pressure

    In a short span of 8 months, Mr. Kamal had seen significant improvement in his blood pressure, cholesterol and uric acid level.

    Protect Your Loved Ones with the Leading Tap Water Filtration System in Singapore

    From medical to aesthetics conditions, it’s amazing to see how their family has benefitted from Coral Pure Natural’s water purifiers.

    Lose Weight and Be Healthier

    Mr. Saaban has been using Coral Pure water filtration system for a year. He has seen great improvements in his health condition, and his yearly health check report has surprised his doctor with good numbers. Besides, Mr Saaban has successfully lost 5kg in a year!

    Tankless Water Purifier Providing Essential Alkaline Minerals

    Mdm Guan Di is now a firm believer in the beneficial effects of Coral Pure’s water after having experienced it first hand.

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    Understanding Reverse Osmosis: The Premier Water Filtration System

    The reverse osmosis (RO) water filtration system stands out as one of the most efficient methods of purifying water. At its core, reverse osmosis is a process wherein water is forced through a semipermeable membrane, effectively filtering out impurities, contaminants, and undesired molecules. This results in RO water that is not only pure but also free from harmful substances often found in unfiltered water sources.

    In the realm of water filters, not all are created equal. While there are numerous types of water filtration systems available in the market, reverse osmosis consistently proves to be the gold standard. The efficiency of an RO system can be attributed to its multi-stage filtration process, which not only removes large particulate matter but also eradicates microscopic contaminants. These stages ensure that the water you consume is of the highest quality, making RO water a preferred choice for many households.

    For those living in areas with questionable water quality, investing in a reliable water filter becomes paramount. Singapore, known for its urban sophistication, is no exception. With the increasing demand for purified water, the title of the best water filter in Singapore often goes to those employing reverse osmosis technology. The trust placed in RO systems by Singaporeans underscores the system’s effectiveness and reliability in delivering pure and safe drinking water.

    In conclusion, when it comes to selecting a water filtration system, reverse osmosis is a top contender. RO water is synonymous with purity, and the technology behind it ensures that contaminants are a thing of the past. For those seeking the best water filter in Singapore, or anywhere else for that matter, reverse osmosis offers a solution that combines efficiency with peace of mind.

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