Benefits Of Natural Alkaline Hydrogen Mineral Spring Water


If you've read anything about alkaline water that didn't differentiate between naturally alkaline water and artificially alkaline water, the author isn't knowledgeable enough to write on the topic. Each type has a different chemical composition and a different effect in the body. One benefits health and the other causing adverse side effects.

Which type of alkaline water are you drinking?


Did you know that water can be either naturally alkaline or artificially alkaline?

The Following video & article show the basic 5Rs and other key properties of quality Natural Alkaline Hydrogen Mineral Water:

Benefits Of Natural Alkaline Hydrogen Mineral Spring Water

The truth of the matter is that for human beings, nothing is more beneficial to health than water and air. While the right diet and exercise can improve overall health, there is nothing quite as effective in this quest as drinking the right water.

Why is water so important to humans? 

Water is a basic necessity and one of the most important resources for the existence of all creatures on Earth, including animals and plants. 

This is not only because the human body comprises of about 80% water, but also because trillions of cells in an organism cannot grow, reproduce and function without water. 

This implies that the quality of water can either heal or harm us. Without good water, human beings cannot be healthy. 

When a person drinks water, it reaches our blood and brain in less than a minute, our skin tissue in 10 minutes, kidney, liver and heart in 20 minutes. Natural Alkaline Minerals in water have an important role. The different minerals in water flow through blood vessels and enable organs to function properly. 

It is important to balance your body with alkaline water because the harmful wastes in our body are all acidic. Antioxidant alkaline water is also known as ionized water. Coral Pure Premium water uses natural energy stones with negative ion and far infrared ray which breaks up large molecules into groups of five-six, turn normal tap water into antioxidant alkaline water that can be easily absorbed by the body. This helps the body to balance its metabolism.


On the other hand, if we do not drink good water, it can be just as adversarial to our health. To understand about 'wrong' and 'right' water, we must first learn the different categories of water. Alkaline water stands out as one of the simplest ways for good health, this is divided into two categories. Let us learn more about these categories, shall we?

The popularity of alkaline hydrogen water is due to the presence of various longevity natural miracle spring water around the world. Such miracle spring water have something in common:

1) they provide essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, silica, potassium etc.

2) these minerals contribute to alkalinity of water with PH between 8-9+

3) it contains antioxidant hydrogen with ORP around -50 to -100mv, dissolved hydrogen from 100-200 ppb or 0.1-0.2 ppm, and dissolved oxygen value of about 15-20 ppm.

4) most importantly, it contains minimum harmful TDS (total dissolved solid) as it is natural and not treated with harmful chemicals like chlorine or fluoride, and harmful metals like lead etc.

Many studies confirm majority of people living in such longevity villages enjoy better health and are free from chronic diseases mainly due to good drinking water with presence of natural antioxidant hydrogen alkaline & essential minerals. Most importantly, with minimum harmful TDS.

In order to achieve similar quality type of natural alkaline miracle spring water, harmful TDS has to be first removed. This can only be achieved by USA NSF 58 Certified reverse osmosis filtration.

Coral Pure Premium 8 purifier consists of Reverse Osmosis + Natural Alkaline + Antioxidant Hydrogen.

This is the most comprehensive water system that is closest to, or even better than the miracle spring water!!!

Electrolysis Alkaline Ionizer

(Artificial) Water

Why Artificial Alkaline Water should be avoided?

Electrolysis ionized alkaline water, more popularly known and one that shows up on the search engine easily when you search for Alkaline water. As the name suggests, this water is created artificially by the form of electrolysis. Tap water passes through an electric ionizer, in which water molecules are forcibly split and pushed through metal plates of platinum and titanium. By this process, platinum and titanium ions are exchanged, which leads to higher PH in water.

Subsequently, research has found that this overtly charged machine alkaline water of platinum and titanium has health hazards. The alkaline level in water might be high, but the toxicity increases too.

This results in the bone and skin facing problems due to the lack of minerals that are caused by the body trying to support the high level of pH.

Their instruction manual also indicates the ionized water is UNSAFE to consume by young kids and people on medication.


The World Health Organization has released its caution message against drinking water that isn't rich in minerals. The high pH in artificial alkaline water makes the body think it is receiving minerals when in reality, the bones end up sacrificing its minerals to make up for the lack of minerals in water.


Other than health, Artificial Alkaline water can be expensive, as the metal plates require frequent maintenance which can only be done in service centers.


In short, Electrolysis Alkaline (Artificial) Ionizer is more suitable for use in Japan and Korea due to following factors:


  1. It often build with very basic purifying pre-filters (1 to 2) and is more suitable for cleaner water so as to retain minerals.   

  2. Both countries' tap water have much higher natural alkaline minerals, supporting high level of artificial alkaline water


In view of the above factors, electrolysis alkaline ionizer is not recommended for Singapore and other countries due to the nature of tap water.

Therefore, our customers who previously used such machine face significant health issues such as body aching, skin health, urine acid, gout, constipation, kidneys pain etc after daily consumption over a year.


However, this group of customers found their health condition improve greatly within 2 to 3 months after switching to Coral Pure Natural Alkaline water.

Benefits Of Natural Alkaline Water (Natural Spring)

Natural Spring water has mineral contents such as magnesium and calcium, both of which are recommended by the World Health Organization. If these minerals can become part of drinking water, a healthier body is guaranteed. Natural Alkaline Water is essentially modeled after Natural Spring water.


If you look at mountain spring, when the water flows down and clashes with the rocks, it absorbs minerals that naturally increases the alkalinity level of the water. This process is dubbed as “Natural Ionize water.”


Natural Alkaline water does the exact opposite of Artificial alkaline water. The acidity in the human body is lowered with the help of this, along with a significant increase in one's energy level and visible slower aging. It can assist in weight loss, refreshes the skin and helps in detoxification of the body, improve immunity and maintain overall wellness.


Therefore many studies also confirm people in longevity villages enjoy better health due to pure and clean Natural antioxidant hydrogen alkaline minerals water with 7.5 to 9.5 PH.


Natural Coral Calcium & Minerals

Do you know Okinawans' longevity is due to Natural Coral Calcium & minerals?

Many studies confirm high majority of people living in Okinawa enjoy better health and free from chronic diseases mainly due to good drinking water with presence of natural antioxidant hydrogen alkaline & essential minerals from Coral. 

A significant part of the hype around coral calcium comes from the way that coral calcium is reaped from the corals in Okinawa, Japan. Okinawans are believed to have the longest life expectancy on the planet and have low rates of coronary illness and malignant growth. 

Corals provide 72 to 74 essential minerals to humans. These minerals are released when coral touches (ionized) water. These precious minerals contribute to the alkalinity of natural antioxidant water in Coral Pure and Okinawa drinking water. 

Learn more about health benefits of Coral minerals.

Medical Advantages of Natural Alkaline Water

Natural Alkaline Water helps to meliorate acid reflux (heartburn), which can make one feel uncomfortable. Heartburn is caused by pepsin – a protein that thrives in an acidic environment. Drinking water with a pH level of 8.8 prevents heartburn by checking acidity.

It fights metal toxicity - especially in urban areas where tap water contains lethal minerals that hamper its potablility, and affects body processes. Natural antacids aid the liver in eliminating these substances via urine.

Alkaline Water improves heart health by orchestrating blood flow in and out of the heart, preventing conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and elevated cholesterol, which are all connected to cardiovascular diseases. It also prevents the development of plaque.


​It facilitates weight loss as toxic metals are lipophilic, leading to gut and full-body fat.

​Alkaline Mineral Water enhances the performance of athletes who exert themselves regularly as it improves hydration after an anaerobic exercise. Further research has shown that it may help the body to produce lactic acid - which aids in muscle build-up painlessly.

Coral Pure

Coral Pure not only gives you an endless stream of high quality & tasty natural antioxidant hydrogen alkaline water. Every glass is enriched with national minerals filled with healthy nutrients.

These include calcium to improve bone health, kidney, heart and overall immunity, magnesium essential for your body to heal and rejuvenate, and zinc, iron, Silicate, Potassium and more. In all there are an amazing 72 types of essential minerals in this water.

Pure and Clean Water that comes from Coral Pure Premium Water System is a product of reverse osmosis filtration. It's filled with powerful natural antioxidants. These drive away free radicals that cause aging and illness. Many people feel they start to regain their youth after drinking this premium filtered water.


Coral Pure is also more easily absorbed by your body due to its smaller size water molecule. Minerals quickly go into your blood stream and are dispersed at the cellular level. This can help you fight illness, improve wellness, and feel better with more energy.

Importance of Alkaline Food and Water

Antioxidants are really important for maintaining a healthy life. Ensuring a good amount of antioxidants in our diet can reduce the chances of cancer, lower high blood pressure, improve wrinkles and help our heart stay healthy amongst many other benefits. They’re job is to fight ‘free-radicals’ which are the causes of many health problems and are produced due to stress, processed food, smoking, they’re even caused by UV light and pollution. These things are like bad movie sequels: everywhere, unstoppable and harmful.


That’s why antioxidants are so important and they’re just as easy to get as their nemeses are. They’re found in fruit, oil, even coffee and wine, so here’s the excuse for a second glass this weekend. Read on to find out more:


Alkaline water is a powerful antioxidant. Anti-oxidants help protect our bodies from free radicals that can cause various health problems. Free radicals are groups of atoms that can damage our body by hurting the immune system.


Oxidation is measure by ORP value. (Oxidation reduction Potential) ORP is a term used frequently in the water treatment & food processing industry. ORP measuring Value in “mV” (millivolts),The more Negative - mV the more it benefits to human body, boost immunity, fight aging and maintain good health. Likewise, positive + mV value can bring harm to human body, causing un nature aging, reducing immunity and damaging to health.

Benefits Of Alkalinity and Anti-oxidant includes:


1. Encourages a healthy immune system while providing 
    protection against harmful viruses and bacteria.
2. Adjusts oxygen levels in the human body.
3. Increases the circulatory systems ability to operate 
4. Aids in the elimination of waste from the body.
5. Adjusts and decreases acidic levels in the body.
6. Promotes a healthy nervous system, provides relief 
    from insomnia, depression, fatigue.

7. Anti-Oxidant (–Negative ORP) helps to boost immunity,

fight aging and maintain better health


Not All Natural Alkaline Water Purifier Can Effectively Improve Health - Learn More

What is Hydrogen Water

Hydrogen water is for the most part purged water that is imbued with overabundance sub-atomic Hydrogen.


This sort of water is very not the same as normal water, as it is wealthy in cancer prevention agents that are equipped for battling different incendiary conditions.

It has experienced clinical research and is upheld by logical proof.

Today, the hydrogen water is broadly utilized by competitors to improve athletic execution and for various medical advantages as its one of a kind properties are of advantage to pretty much every organ in the human body including the mind, eyes, lungs, liver and heart.

Pondering what else this phenomenal water can accomplish for you?

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