Water is considered to be the most important factor that contributes to one’s good health and well-being. But do you know that one in nine people worldwide uses drinking water from unimproved and unsafe sources? This makes water quality one of the main challenges that societies face all across the world.

To remove toxic impurities from water and make it drinkable, one of the most common and effective ways is reverse osmosis, also known as RO. This article will discuss the reverse osmosis system, impurities commonly found in drinking water, and which impurities RO water purifiers can remove from water.

Impurities Commonly Found in Drinking Water

A variety of impurities can be found in drinking water – some of which are naturally occurring, while others are usually the result of human activity. Common impurities in drinking water include bacteria and viruses, organic matter, and Total Dissolved Solids such as heavy metals, fluoride etc. There are more than 150 impurities that can be found in tap water which can be rejected out from NSF 58 certified reverse osmosis.

Total Dissolved Solids, also known as TDS, is a measure of the number of harmful impurities and dissolved minerals in water that are not H2O molecules. Water that contains high levels of TDS may be considered unsuitable for drinking.
Here are some of the common TDS and heavy metals found in drinking water:

1) Chlorine may be added to water supplies to kill harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. While chlorine in its raw form may cause skin and eye irritation, it is considered safe when dissolved in water at small concentrations, although some people may dislike the taste of it.. The chlorine levels in Singapore’s water are considered to be within the safe drinking levels set by the WHO.

2) Fluoride is often added to drinking water in order to help prevent tooth decay. However, too much fluoride can cause teeth to become discoloured and weak.

It should be noted that the quality and safety of drinking water in Singapore are monitored by the PUB’s Environmental Public Health (Water Suitable for Drinking) (No.2) Regulations 2019.

If you have concerns over these impurities, you can seek out RO water purifiers as a solution.

What Impurities Do RO Water Purifiers Remove?

tds in parts per million

RO water purifiers are often used in homes and businesses to purify drinking water and treat water for other purposes, such as cooking. They are known for their ability to remove a wide range of impurities.

When it comes to dissolved solids, RO water purifiers are very effective. This is because RO uses a process known as membrane separation to remove these impurities. Membrane separation works by forcing water through a semipermeable membrane. The pores in the membrane are small enough to allow water molecules through, but not larger dissolved particles. As a result, dissolved impurities are removed from the water. The reverse osmosis membrane is also the highest spec filtration to remove impurities and with the finest pore size of 0.0001 micron among any other filters.

RO water purifiers can remove a wide variety of dissolved impurities, including ions, minerals, and salts. RO is also effective at removing organics, such as bacteria and viruses. Additionally, RO can remove inorganic contaminants. Chlorine, which is safe in small concentrations, is said to have a distinct taste that many people dislike, can also be removed by using a versatile reverse osmosis water system.

Coral Pure Natural’s Reverse Osmosis Water Filters for Premium Quality Water

various water filtration technology in the market

RO Water purifiers can be quite successful at removing various contaminants from water, but what contaminants they remove is dependent on the type of filter you use. Not all water purifiers available in Singapore’s market are capable of removing every single impurity from water.

Coral Pure Natural’s reverse osmosis water filter offers you nothing but fresh and pure water. If you are looking for a reverse osmosis water filter in Singapore that removes all the contaminants from your water, look no further than our premium water purifiers that have USA ANSI/NSF 58-certified filtration membrane.

Apart from removing all the impurities that any regular water filter can do, our water purification systems are incorporated with reverse osmosis filtration to remove bacteria, viruses, scale formation, fluoride, chloride, sulphate, heavy metals and TDS from water. After RO filtration, remineralisation is performed to introduce good minerals and antioxidant hydrogen molecules to the pure water, making the water naturally alkaline and beneficial to the human body.

Coral Pure Natural’s RO water purifiers offer all the benefits of pure natural alkaline hydrogen water by not just filtering out the impurities but it gives you naturally ionised structured water that helps to detoxify your system and maintain your good health as well as providing highest capacity for heavy usage.

If you are looking for reverse osmosis water purification systems, contact us today to learn more about our water purifiers with the highest filtration specifications and get healthy, clean, and mineral-rich antioxidant hydrogen drinking water.

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